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  1. V7 Installation Problem

    The Microsoft tech site explains a couple ways to enable the actual "Administrator" account. I don't [think I] have this "Winternals Administrators Pak" thing installed that this article is talking about.. but it does clearly explain how to get access to the necessary account: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935045/en-us
  2. V7 Installation Problem

    My issue is apparently resolved. I searched the web for the error ""You do not have access to make the required system configuration modifications. Please rerun this installation from an administrators account." to see what anyone else had encountered - all results were centered on permissions and they recommended modifying various permissions ifor certain registry entries. The big clue was that several of the help posts hinted at differences between the "Administrator" account and being an "Administrator on the machine". There is a difference between being "logged into the machine with the user-id 'Administrator''", vs. being "logged into the machine with an account that has Administrator Privileges". Anyway, the solution that finally worked for me was to logon to my machine with the actual user-id "Administrator "instead of my normal administrative account that (supposedly) has its privileges set as 'administrator'. The hardest part was to find the user-id "Administrator" on my machine. I had disabled this account several years ago as a security precaution. Reactivating the "Administrator" user account, (and remembering the original password that I had assigned it), was quite a hassle. I performed a full and successful install of TMG V7 while logged into the actual account named "Administrator". (Installing TMG for 'all users on the machine'). After the installation completed, I let it reboot the system when prompted. I then logged back into the Administrator account again to let it finalize whatever installation processes needed to complete. I then logged out of 'Administrator'; and logged in as my usual account, and then ran TMG-V7 for the first time to unlock my serial #, etc. TMG-V7 is now working from my normal user account. My project(s) converted fine from backups and all is fine. I don't know for sure why this worked or why the installation process cares about the difference in accounts. I don't know why my account with Administrator privileges doesn't have the same privileges as the actual Administrator account. I don't know why a normal logon as 'Administrator' worked, when I thought I had tried the same thing earlier when I logged in Safe-Mode as 'Administrator'.
  3. V7 Installation Problem

    When I install V7, it never completes the process. It never makes it to the place where it would ask for a reboot.
  4. I have downloaded TMG V7 (tmg7setup.exe) to my desktop computer (Win'XP SP2). Running the setup, I agree to the licensing and accept all default folders and options, including to install for "All Users on this computer", and to create backups of the replaced files. The installation copies all files into a folder "The Master Genealogist V7" and then begins "Updating System Configuration" which fails with an error: "You do not have access to make the required system configuration modifications. Please rerun this installation from an administrators account.". I am the administrator on my home desktop computer and I am logged into my usual administrator account. I've done nothing different that when I installed TMG 5.0 and 6.0 with the similar default folder options for "all users on this computer". I do have antivirus and spyware software - which I have disabled during this installation. The error is persistent and recurs after I have restarted the computer - before running any other applications. The error remains the same with antivirus software loaded and without. I've also retried and attempted the installation for a "single user" instead of for "all users of the computer". After the failure - I allow the installation program to uninstall and restore all original files. It does not clean-up and remove all of its folders - the error continues to happen when I attempt to re-install, even after manually cleaning up and removing the various folders. I do find references to TMG V7 in various registry settings - even after backing out all changes via the uninstall, but I've not resorted to cleaning up the registry entries manually. Help? I've already purchaced my upgrade license to V7 but I can't get past the base install process.
  5. Unfortunately the "List of People" filtered by "# of Exhibits > 0" is not working for me. It seems that whatever problem prevents these exhibits from showing in output, is also preventing me from filtering them. Spot checking a couple of my people that have these older primary image exhibits - they are specifically listed as having zero (0) exhibits. So, I can't get a valid listing of the people who have exhibits in my database. Is there any other means to discover or list entries that have this problem? I've re-indexed within the last two years so I can't go much on ID numbers. I do remember several of the family names that should have had exhibits, but it's mostly a guessing game. I thought of restoring my DB from before my datasets were merged, and trying to list those people that had exhibits. But that "merge" was over two years ago. I keep quite a few "rolling backups" of my project DB on another disk/machine, but I don't have one from that long ago.
  6. Thanks Mike! Actually, I did merge two datasets! It was over two years ago and I'd forgotten about it. By coincidence, the people where I notice this problem all happen to be from that old dataset #2 that I merged long ago. The images appear fine in Exhibit Log and in the Image window so I never noticed the problem until now when I'm trying to use images in reports or VCF. Most of my output has been to Second-Site and all of these images appear as normal in that application. It is as if the images attached to people (and events) from that old dataset #2 are not fully recognized in my current TMG project with a single dataset. Maybe the exhibit data is still marked internally somehow as belonging to dataset #2? Today with more experimenting I added a new image as "primary" to one of these people that already had an existing "primary" image from long ago. My Exhibit Log ended up with both images marked as "primary" at the same time, but only the new picture appeared in the Image window. Next questions: Is there any "fix" for this other than to delete and re-add exhibits? Is there a way to identify the exhibits that have this problem? I could run a list of people where "# of exhibits > 0", and then delete/re-add their exhibits, but I'm not certain which people came from that old dataset #2, two years ago. Is this really some kind of "bug" when merging datasets? or did I overlook some procedure when I merged the datasets?
  7. I have attached images as primary exhibits to numerous persons in my database. When I create a report (e.g., descendant indented narrative) or chart (e.g., descendant box chart), why don't all of the primary exhibits appear in the output? I've selected the proper reporting options to include the primary exhibit image in my output. My exhibits are all External JPG files. I've run Optimize and VFI multiple times and it confirms my images are found in the proper path. Many of the images appear properly in the reports but I noticed one particular fellow whose primary image was not shown. This person has several other images attached to his person so I made one of them the "primary" and it appeared fine in reports and charts. But when I go back to set the original image as "primary" it would not appear in the output. When I selected report options to "include all images", the image in question was not included with the other images in the output (to an RTF file). The image appears fine in the regular "Exhibit Log" and in the Image Window that I display in my screen layout. I removed all saved thumbnails then recreated them again, to be sure I wasn't seeing just a thumbnail phantom in my Exhibit Log. Finally today, I completely deleted the image from the Exhibit Log, ran Optimize and VFI, then re-added the same external image as the "primary" exhibit for the person, and now it appears properly in the reports and charts. Why? It is as if most of TMG can find and manipulate the images fine, but they are somehow not found or eligible for reporting or charting. I made no other changes - just to delete the exhibit and re-add it as "primary". I even cut'n-pasted the original description and caption back into the properties in Exhibit Log. From my experience today attempting to create a 3 generation descendant box chart containing primary images, I found 25% (6 of 24) images were not appearing. Now I know the work-around to delete and re-add the exhibit, but I don't know how many other exhibits have this condition and I don't know how to find out, or how to prevent this from recurring. I have about 1700 total exhibits, maybe 200 of them are primary person exhibits. VFI says everything is fine and I have no missing exhibits. In my example above the external image was a simple 8.3 filename, but I also have the same problem with other primary images with "long" filenames. Also note that this particular exhibit is not unusually large or different from other JPG exhibits that are working fine. Questions: How can I identify the exhibits that need to be deleted and re-added so they will appear in reports and charts? Is there some way to "fix" the problem without having to delete and re-add exhibits? Is there something I should do differently or some habit I should adopt to prevent this problem from recurring in the future? Fyi: I'm running TMG Gold v6.12, on Win'XP Pro (SP2). My TMG "project" contains 11959 people in a single dataset. -Ken