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  1. Error when importing PAF 5 file

    Thanks Jim, that worked.
  2. I am trying to import a client's file from PAF 5 and keep getting the message Declare DLL caused an exception 114 PAFMAIN. The only thing I can do after the message is to abort. The file is in PAF not a backup. Can someone tell how to import this or fix what is wrong with the file.
  3. I would like to see a list of events report where it would give you the name that is assigned on the event. This would report the women's name at the time. I use this report for burials when going to a cemetery and it would be helpful if the report used the name that I have assigned to show what name was used when buried. Now I have to print to an excel spreadsheet and update the surnames which can be time consuming.
  4. ctrl F3 not working

    The F3 key works just fine. I can get the repeat to cycle thru but what a pain. I have tried rebooting the computer and everything but it still doesn't work. I suspect that its my laptop. I recently got a new laptop and it hasn't worked since I got back up and running.
  5. ctrl F3 not working

    Les, I should have tried it on the desktop first. It works fine on my husband's desktop but not on the laptop. Same data set. Not sure why. I really do miss it.
  6. ctrl F3 not working

    I have not been able to get Ctrl F3 to work when I'm in the citation screen. I'm not sure how long it's not been working. Has anyone else been having this problem?
  7. Morey, Ginni

    Morey's Attic Ginni and William Morey's Family Website [url="http://moreysattic.com/[/url] My main Surnames are: Maternal - Wilbur, Reinwald, Lanz, Conrad, Dietz, Heller, Hawley, Whitlock, Watson & Hollingsworth Paternal - Beard, Dugger, Murphy, Fry, Doughty & Bond My Husband's Line - Morey, Prentice, Walsh, Neilans & Stewart