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  1. Half Off Offer

    Since I can't respond on my original topic (closed?), I'm starting a new one. Sorry about the bad information I gave you relative to the software revision number. I'm running 6.12.000, but I ran 6.00 until 18Dec2006, when I updated to V6.12. My message center never provided the message with the discount code that you referred to. The offer did not state that it was available only to people who maintained the latest revision of V6, but only that you must have purchased V6. I think I qualify but I don't have a code and my message center hasn't given me one. Thanks for your help. James Crawford
  2. Half Off Offer

    I wish to order by ths offer for family members. However, I do not have a code since I was running V16.0 (no message center) when the codes were sent out. I sent a message through the message center and a direct email to Dorothy. No response. Maybe the forum will do better. James Crawford