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  1. Hi Can someone give me all the step by step details and commands of how to copy a person and his ancestors and their families out of one existing project and dataset to create another dataset and/or project that can be merged into another existing project. I have tried several things to no avail. I did create a focus group in the project and dataset that I want the people extracted from but I am at a loss after that. Everything I have read so far does not detail the exact commends to use or in what order from beginning to end. I thought I had seen this discussion several years ago. Thanks,
  2. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    Hi Terry, I tried your suggestions with varying results that I didn't understand. 1. I took the focus group I had started with the ancestors of my gr-gr-grandfather and using your suggestions I added the spouses of the ancestors and then in the next step I added the children of the ancestors. When I looked at the focus group list it appeared that I had what I wanted. However, when I ran the list of the people in the focus group and created the new project and dataset, I only got the original 102 ancestors in the new project and not the 250+ that I added with the last two steps. 2. I then deleted the people in the focus group along with the new project and dataset and started over. Creating a new focus group and doing all three steps before I saved the focus group. This time when I ran the list report and created the new dataset and project I got most of the focus group but still not all, missing less than 20 this time. 3. Starting with a new focus group again and following your steps, this time I tried to copy the people from the focus group to a new dataset in the same project using the "copy persons" command. I got better results but was still miising a few people from the focus group. I also realized I was missing the some ancestors from wives of the children that I wanted. I think that is my fault in not trying to pull ancestors again after I selected pulled Spouses. I will be experimenting more over the next few dys until I get a better move to a new dataset so I can merge it with an existing project. Thanks again,
  3. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    Terry, Thanks again for the information. I will try the focus group suggestions later tonight or tomorrow. I must be getting old and senile to have missed the copy Person(s) button. I have never tried it before. As I remember I had to type in a name because what came up was a name and volume from my old computer so I had to browse to a valid folder. When I typed in a project name I kept getting an invalid name error. So then I created an empty project with the New Project command and then browsed to it and selected it. Thanks,
  4. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    Hi Terry, Thanks for the quick reply. I still have three problems. 1. I did create a focus group but did not get all the people I expected. No other children of the subject's ancestors or other spouses of the ancestors even though it pulled the other marriage events. I marked descendants for one generation but that seemed to only get the subject's children (which I do need). I need at least all the spouses and all the children of every ancestor and ideally the children's spouses. It has been a while but I seem to remember that was straight forward in the PAF genealogy program. 2. I can find no "Copy Person" command as mentioned in your item 3. I did read your website articles before I wrote the first post but could not piece it all together. 3. I had trouble with creating a new temporary dataset from the list of people, especially naming the new project. I ended up making a new project using the file command and selecting it and saying to overwrite it with the secondary output of the list of people report. Thanks again,
  5. I downloaded and implemented TMG version 9.05 several days after Jim posted it. I think I ran the installation as administrator but I am not sure. The implementation went fine and I entered the unlock code so my name and license number showed up on the "About TMG" screen. I have not received any error messages so far. Since yesterday though when I start the program by clicking normally on any of the icons, I get the "Unlock the Full Version" window. If I click close on the "Unlock the Full Version" window, the program continues to the "Welcome" screen. I can open any dataset then open the "About TMG" window and my correct name email address and license number is there. I can then go on and work as normal with no error messages at all. However, if I right click on the icon and run as administrator the program goes straight to the "Welcome" window as normal with no "Unlock the Full Version" window appearing. Again on checking the "About TMG" window all my information is still correct. While this is not a show stopper since I can continue to work since my license information is still there either way, it does appear to be a program error. I think I have seen this mentioned before in conjunction with error messages but I am not sure. Does anyone have a suggestion about getting rid of the extra "Unlock" window.
  6. Expired Trial Version problem

    Thanks again Terry. I think your analysis makes sense and is probably correct. As I first mentioned I wasn't sure if I had run the install as Administrator. Now, I believe I probably did not. The other thing is, I not only saw the License number in the Welcome screen when I bypassed the Unlock screen but I also saw it in the About TMG screen every time. Maybe it is not the license number stored in a temp location but a "flag" or specially named 0 byte file that is used to bypass the Unlock screen. Then your explanation and my observations would both fit. Again I thank for your help.
  7. Expired Trial Version problem

    Thanks, Terry. That seemed to work. I am no longer getting the Unlock screen. It is confusing though because the program never lost my license information. Even when I bypassed the Unlock screen by hitting close the Welcome screen would appear with my license information intact. I would do some work and close the program and still get the Unlock screen as described above except when I ran the program as administrator. The only thing I did different this time per your suggestion was to immediately exit TMG after hitting close on the Unlock screen. This time when I ran as administrator the Unlock screen did appear so I was able to reenter the license information and now it does not call for it anymore. Strange. Thanks for the help. It was very annoying.
  8. Expired Trial Version problem

    Thanks, Jim. This time I got the message window "ResSvr32" saying DllRegisterServer in C:\ ...\VistaDBCOM20Dll succeeded. However, that did not fix the problem. I get the same results as described above.
  9. Expired Trial Version problem

    Thanks, Jim, for the suggestion. I tried it and got an error window as described below: RegSvr32 [window title] The module "C:\Program" failed to load. ... This suggests to me there is a format problem with the command. I checked the path and the DLL is there as you suggested. I took screen shots of what I did but could not copy and paste them in this forum. I saved them in a word document as well as documenting what I did if you would like to see the document. Let me know how I can get that to you.
  10. Trial Version for 9.04

    I was looking for the link to download the trial version of TMG so I can update from 9.01 to 9.04 but could not find it. Am I missing something?
  11. Trial Version for 9.04

    Thanks, Jim
  12. Report Preview Screen

    I just bought and installed TMG v9.01 and everything seemed fine when I restored my three main projects. Then I tried to preview a report. The preview screen did not appear. The report screen went away and all was normal except no preview screen. I went back and realized the same thing was happening in v8. Back in Jan my old XP computer died and I now have a new laptop with Windows 8.1. I installed TMG v8.08 on the new laptop back in Jan but apparently never generated a screen preview. Checking my installed printers, I see WG PDF Writer v4. I also have a "Quicken PDF Printer" and an "Adobe PDF" in my printer list. I did install Adobe PDF Professional a couple of months ago. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be and how I can fix it?
  13. Report Preview Screen

    Looks good. Thanks, Terry.
  14. Report Preview Screen

    Sorry I had to restore my previous long post and all the formatting characters appeared. I didn't know how to get rid of them but I wasn't going to retype the post.
  15. Report Preview Screen

    Jim, I opened a different one of my other large projects today while doing some research. I ran a few report tests when I finished. I got the same hang up results when I tried to save to an Adobe Acrobat Reader file. However, I got some extra error messages and a couple of different results when I tried to send a report to the screen preview window. When I send the Family Group Sheet to the Screen Preview Window I got an error window with the message - File "C:" does not exist. I clicked OK and then got a blank Screen Preview window with no report. In the other project a Screen Preview window did not appear for this report. I then tried the Ahnentafel report screen preview which worked correctly in the other project. This time I get a blank Screen Preview window with no error messages. The strangest set of extra messages came when I sent the Descendant Indented Chart to the Screen Preview. As before the normal Progress windows display then I get an error window with the message - File "C:\Users\" does not exist. I clicked OK and got another window labeled "C:\Users\" with the message - File does not exist, Create a new file - and with the buttons Yes and No. I click on NO because the folder does exist on my laptop. Then I get a Program Error window with the message - OLE exception error: Exception code c0000005. OLE object may be corrupt - with three buttons; Cancel, Ignore and Help. Behind that program error window is a faded window that looks like the Screen Preview window but has the label "Form" at the top. When I click on the Ignore button the program error screen goes away and the Form label on the faded screen changes to Print Preview but the screen is blank - no report is generated. If I click on the Cancel button when I get the OLE exception error window I get another program error window with the message - Object GOINI is not found - with the same Cancel, Ignore and Help buttons. I get this same error window over and over if I hit the Cancel or Ignore buttons. I have to click the x button which closes the error window and the faded window. No Screen Preview window is displayed. Hopefully the programmers can follow my examples in the report programs and can find the spots where these problems occurred.
  16. Report Preview Screen

    As a further test for possible interference, I uninstalled my Adobe Acrobat XI Pro program (leaving Adobe Reader XI installed) and retested all the previous report and Screen Preview scenarios. I got the exact same results with a minor exception. The "Please Wait" window described in post 3 above did not appear when I was saving the report to a pdf file. However the TMG program still hung up as before and had to be aborted by MS as in all the previous testing. Again a temp rtf file with an "error - printing" status was left in the WG PDF Writer print queue. I think it is time for the support staff to look at this as a possible bug.
  17. Report Preview Screen

    Jim, I did as you suggested and reinstalled the WG PDF Writer v4 using the steps you last suggested. Afterwards, all the reports sent to pdf files and to the screen preview acted exactly the same as described before. There was no difference. It is interesting to note, however, there was a change noted in the devices and printers window. Not only was the Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 reinstalled but an Amyuni Document Converter was also installed. When I first noticed this after the install I thought there would be a change in results, but sadly there was not. I did notice that no documents ever appeared in the Amyuni print queue. I see that Marilyn Symonds is having the exact same issue with the pdf file saves as I am. I wonder if she is seeing the same behavior as I do with the Screen Preview where a couple of reports work and the others do not. Have you had a chance to test that Marilyn? Thanks,
  18. Report Preview Screen

    Hi Virginia, I do have my folders in a tree under a separate Public documents genealogy folder and I always set that up carefully in the advanced preferences screen and the default project path when I restore each project after a version upgrade. I do have v8 projects separate from v9 projects. I tried the "reset defaults" on all the reports I tried before and got the exact same results as described above. All reports saved to Adobe Reader (PDF) hung up as before and TMG had to be aborted. A temporary rtf file is left in the document list of the WG PDF Writer print queue for each pdf report I tried to create. The screen previews worked the same afterward also. The Ahnentafel and Audit reports still work correctly. The Descendant Indented Chart and the Family Group Sheet-no sources still present a screen preview window but no report. All other reports requesting a screen preview show the windows about generating the report but do not produce the screen preview window. TMG continues and does not have to be aborted. Jim Byram I will try your last reinstall suggestion later today as I have to run an errand now. Thanks.
  19. Report Preview Screen

    I too, run as a Standard user except when I installed the pdf printer and tested for a permissions problem as described above. Is there a list of third party software that creates known problems with TMG that I can check for and remove for testing? Has anyone else reported problems with report generation that have never been solved?
  20. Report Preview Screen

    Yes , I uninstalled it and reinstalled it per my second post above while running TMG as Administrator. I had no problems with the reinstall. All messages in the install window showed a successful install. In the meantime I did try most of the other reports with various results. All the reports I tried to save to "Adobe Reader (PDF)" file type hung up TMG as described above and TMG had to be aborted each time. Most of the reports did not display the screen preview of the report as described above, but there were a few exceptions. The Descendant Indented Chart and the Family Group Sheet-no sources will display the screen preview window but no report is generated. The Ahnentafel and Audit reports will display the screen preview window and the report is generated correctly. Just to eliminate a permissions problem, I ran TMG as Administrator and had the same results with the reports. As a programmer and systems analyst in my past life, this seems to point to the report generation program(s) as the issue but I am willing to try other testing to narrow down the problem.
  21. Report Preview Screen

    Thanks, Jim, for your response. I had wondered if the RTF file was an intermediate file and the work of the pdf printer was to turn that into a pdf file. In TMG I always have "windows default" as my selected printer and never select any pdf printer for other programs. My HP Premium 410 printer is always my default printer. I do have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro as my default PDF program instead of Adobe Reader XI, but I am not sure why that would cause a problem. Both programs are installed on the laptop. I deleted the Quicken PDF program before I reinstalled the WG PDF Writer. For now I am at a loss as to what experiment to try next.
  22. Report Preview Screen

    I did generate a report to a pdf file but that did not work. I then tried to print the report which worked fine. I then deleted the WG PDF Writer using the Devices and Printers screen, ran TMG as an administrator, had to unlock again, then installed the WG PDF Writer 4 using the printer setup screen with no errors or problems. WD PDF Writer 4 appears appropriately again in the Printers and Devices list. I then tried to run a FGS report preview and had the same problem as before, no preview screen but the TMG program continues to run fine. Then I tried to write a PDF file and save it in my report-output folder. This time the TMG program gives me a "Please wait" window but continues to churn for over thirty minutes. I had to force a close with MS. I did this a second time after closing and restarting TMG. There is no report in the report-output folder, but strangely if I open the WG PDF Writer 4 print queue I see two temp C:\USERS\JAMESF\APPDATA\LOCAL\TMG....rtf files. Is that correct? Why an rtf file instead of a pdf file in that particular queue?
  23. TMG does not seem to have any tag types that deal directly with land transactions; buying, selling, grants, etc. I do not remember any discussions in this forum on the subject either. There are several source types that will handle the documentation but no event tags that are specific to land transactions. I have a couple of families that bought and sold land that is different from their primary residence, and I want to document the events which show a pattern in their lives about how and why they moved from place to place. I know I can create custom tags but I am curious, how do most people handle the subject in TMG? I am looking for suggestions. Thanks, Jim Rassette
  24. I recently installed TMG version 8.08 on my new laptop (win 8.1) and seem to have a couple of problems. The program keeps asking (not every time) for me to enter my password even though I had already done that the first time. The password still shows up on the HelpAbout The Master Genealogist window even when I bypass the request. Is this a known bug? I seem to remember gridlines on the person, children and siblings views but have none now. Am I missing something? Thanks,
  25. Problems after installing TMG on a new laptop

    Thanks, Virginia. I thought there was a preference option but somehow overlooked it when I first reset all my project preferences two weeks ago. I'll let you know if the unlock problem comes up again.