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  1. Book Production

    "In my view, you should use the first method when you expect to have to repeat the output of the same data repeatedly. You should use the second when you are really serious about producing a first-rate product that you don't expect to repeat." I reckon that's exactly where I am on this one. I think I shall go with TMG Report and Chart output plus Word Docs and import the lot into PagePlus as I want to include quite a lot of non text items. rgds Roger
  2. I was fiddling around in Word and overlooking the correct "handle" to make that adjustment. Right I've got everything back under control now. thanks Roger
  3. I have discovered that the Individual Report is going to be very useful to me. So far in my reports the "column" containing the date is approaching twice as wide as it's largest date content. Space is at a premium for me. Is it possible to reduce that col width to match it's content? thanks Roger
  4. Book Production

    Well that's an interesting read. All the more interesting because there has not been a response. Either you have addressed an unresolvable problem or a subject so complicated that no one wants to get involved. I don't think I'm qualified to step in as a "taker" but I do share your frustration. I find it hard to accept that after all that time and effort entering data to TGM I have to do it all again in some other software in order to produce a Family History Book of any substance/style. Years ago when my Family Tree was smaller I simply used a Word Processor for a small booklet. Since then things have grown. Recently I've been considering the improved features of the latest word processors and alternatively desk top publishing software but have yet to make a move. But I do like the DTP's flexibility to incorporate non textual features and relieve the boredom of pages of narrative. Lets hope some of the more experienced forum members can contribute. Merry Xmas Everyone. Roger
  5. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    "Try entering something in each of those fields and you will see it does then appear in the Project Explorer as you expect." All has suddenly become clear thanks everybody for your help (and patience) . . . . Roger I wanted to give you all a "like this tick" but the site gives me an error msg every time I try (You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day)
  6. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Vera, in my example. Primary:- GivenName = Roger C, Surname = Starkey, OtherName = Charles, SortSurname = Starkey, SortGiven = Roger C (there are instances where OtherName is blank, and I have no idea how these entries got there). I migrating to TMG from Generations 8 some time ago. With the Non Primary name all above fields are blank. (and all instances are the same = blank). So I am saying Roger Charles Starkey was entered into the memo field. And this action alone seems to trigger my duplicate entries. Does this help explain things? thanks Roger
  7. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Hi Guys, in danger of becoming confused here. But . . . In Explorer PrefsI see Primary names are denoted by an * and what I see with my Explorer duplicates are one with * one without. So my primary name tag is Roger C Starkey and that appears with * in Explorer all by itself. Then I add a non primary name tag (name-full) as Roger Charles Starkey and immediately a second (duplicate) entry appears in Explorer. Not Roger C Starkey and Roger Charles Starkey but 2 identical Roger C Starkey entries. Is that what you would expect. I know how to filter out these non primary entries from Explorer but am interested in priciple to understand what is happening. thanks Roger
  8. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Yes it seems the bold are primary! So what it seems I have been doing is to add another self customised name tag (where I give every christian name in full). And this directly causes the duplicate entries in Explorer. Am I doing something wrong? Roger
  9. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    Terry, how do I tell if a name tag is primary or not? Are Tags in bold primary and the rest not? sorry to be so dumb. Roger
  10. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    "Why do you have many people with duplicate Name Tags? To me, that's the issue you should address. The most common reason for that is having merged duplicate people and then not cleaning up all the duplicate Tags that result." Well that was what bothered me in the first place. I filtered for primary names and that has hidden all the non * ones so that's got them out of my way. But what were they doing there in the first place I wonder. I've not done any amount of merging duplicates so I doubt that is the cause. I will think on. Roger
  11. Duplicate entries in Explorer

    OK Vera . . .I get it. I've filtered for primary names only. Seems to suit my purposes well enough for now. I'll reconsider if I find good reason as I go along. thanks Roger
  12. For some reason "Project Explorer" shows duplicate entries for most (but not all) my project population. Identical names, ID Nos, dates. The only difference I can see is that one entry has an * asterisk alongside it the other hasn't. This is not a problem for me but it severely clutters up my Explorer listing to no useful purpose. Any one know how this might have come about and how I might rid myself of all these duplicate entries? thanks Roger
  13. Just a final note to says thanks for your help guys. I've got myself a "Census" toolbar now and that speeds things up nicely. l have also put my census tags on the add person templates. So I here I go. Roger
  14. "A better approach may be to add buttons to your custom Toolbar for each census year, so each Tag can be added with a single mouse click (you would still have to enter all the data in the Tag Entry screens). " This approach seems promising Terry. There are a number of buttons on both the standard and layout toolbars that are of no value to me. Can I remove any of them? Looks like no. Can you give me any quick directions on how to add a selected set of tags to a custom toolbar. I know I should read it all up but you might save me a lot of time. thanks again Roger
  15. Thanks Terry for a quick response. So I am simply asking too much of TMG this time. I will experiment witht he toolbar idea though. It may just make life a little easier. thanks again. Roger