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  1. alternatives now or in the future?

    Just now discovering (after years away) that TMG is no more. I've been using the software since the days of loading TMG via foppy disk... Is there any way to get current at this point? Or is my 25 years of research and hard work all for nothing? I'm SO disappointed and would appreciate any help that folks could give. I really don't know what to do. I just got a new-to-me laptop running Windows 7 and was going to get caught up this winter. I'm lost. Help!
  2. An update... I just downloaded a Vista PDF creator to see if that might be the problem. (the PDFCreator mentioned in another thread says that it is not Vista compatible). But even with the new PDF creator, I still have the same challenge. I can make the page size change in the print screen properties, but it does not recognize that change. Instead of one large PDF, I have 34 pages. Not acceptable. And I do not have a printer choice in the page set up screen. sigh. help.
  3. Has this issue been addressed yet? I'm trying to print my large charts out as PDFs and I am unable to change my page size to a large custom sheet. I am using Vista, and just downloaded TMG 7.03 and unfortunately, I'm having the same problem. It doesn't recognize the changed sheet size in the print menu and insists on many little sheets. The printer button doesn't show up in the page set up screen. My reunion is in less than two weeks, I have a print shop waiting to do them for me, and I have 25 gorgeous floor to ceiling charts that I can't print! Please tell me someone has a workaround for this! This is a serious problem as it negates the use of the Print Preview to check that custom page size actually works for the current chart. I presume that this is a Vista / particular Printer driver issue - I don't have vista to check this out. It is likely that the currently selected default printer driver is the problem.
  4. I would love to print name tags for our upcoming family reunion. I would like to have nick names used. Not everyone has nick names. Women to have both maiden and married names. Any ideas? Any insights would be very helpful. thanks! Debbie
  5. I know that my great great grandfather had 8 children, and 64 grandchildren. Those numbers are easily counted. In a family as large as mine, the counting from here out is a challenge. Is there a report definition that would help me get the number of great grandchildren, and the count of subsequent generations? Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!
  6. Kinship Report help please

    Thanks Mike and Terry! I'll let you know what I come up with.
  7. Kinship Report help please

    Another thing to add to the wish list!
  8. I've used this software for many years, but in no way to the extent of its capabilities! I was fortunate to have found TMG before I tried anything else...back in the days when the program came on floppy disks. I was just trying to figure how long it's been and what version I started with. Is there any history of Wholly Genes and TMG and the history of the revisions and versions? Silly question I suppose, but I guess I love history in all its many forms.
  9. I'm printing a descendants only (no spouses) kinship report for my Grandfather. (I will be setting up report definitions for each of his 45 first cousins as well.) I would like to be able to have each section (children, grandchildren, great grandchildren) print in a certain order... either by family, birth date, reference number, or alphabetical. Any suggestions? Right now the report prints the names in the order they were input to the dbase within each section. Thanks in advance.
  10. Doing some cleanup work with v6 before moving all to v7. I've just noticed, in the person view, to the right of the name, many people have a question mark after their name. Even within the same family someone might have a question mark, yet a sibling might not. I'm not even sure what it means. Any ideas? Really want to fix before I drag the problem into the upgrade! Thanks in advance!
  11. "Filtered" in red in Details window

    Virgina, You're a doll! Thanks so much. I was feeling really silly for asking. It was the right click menu. Thanks again.
  12. The birth date is not included in dbase, but the death date is. I was expecting the death date to print, but it does not. Is there a way to modify this, to look something like: ( - Sep 25, 1967) Is there a way to force Lifespan format? Both birth and death dates on the same line within the box? Also, is there a way to indicate a divorce without having it on a line all on its own? Thanks in advance
  13. Help! I want to make sure my dbase is NOT filtered before I switch to v7. Is there a way to check this? Is this "filtered" notation in red (column header, over event types column, to the left of date column heading) usually there? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone if it's been there all along!
  14. I've tried several things to get my gray shadows to appear more like the preview box before I "make chart." I am using accent colors (one for each of eight family branches). I have tried adding the gray shadow in the accent definition as well as in the box definition. When I generate the chart, there is no shadow. These are wall charts and the lines are 10 pixels with type that is 24pt in the boxes. Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA
  15. I have set up files for 44 different descendant box charts with the same file definitions. Most print just fine. On two of the charts charts though, there are huge gaps between two boxes within the same generation for no apparent reason. Let me know if you need any more info. I was going to attach the file, but it might be too big to work here. I'm printing left to right. Thanks in advance! Debbie V