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  1. With help from Donald J. Martin, Jr., Frank McCullough, and others: McCartney & McClung Families Genealogy http://www.on-sitetraining.com/Ancestors/
  2. Relationships in US Census

    Those of you, like me, that that use something like the Betty Frain method, you have many roles for census tags. I have always wondered if there was a "complete' list of the relationships used so that I could expand my tags to include "all possible" roles. Recently, I volunteered to index for the Family Search Labs project and found that their software had a drop-down box for entering the relationship when indexing census forms. I extracted the list and it is presented below. I find it interesting that several of the relationships seem more like occupations. Does anyone have any observations on this? Anyway, here is the list, perhaps you will find it intersting if not useful. Craig ----------- Adopted Adopted Child Adopted Daughter Adopted Grandchild Adopted Mother Adopted Son Apprentice Assistant Attendant Aunt Aunt-In-Law Bartender Boarder Bound Boy Bound Girl Boy Brother Brother-In-Law Butler Captain Chamber Maid Child Companion Cook Cousin Cousin-In-Law Daughter Daughter-In-Law Day Laborer Dishwasher Domestic Employee Engineer Farm Hand Farm Laborer Farm Worker Father Father-In-Law Fireman First Cousin Foster Brother Foster Father Foster Mother Foster Sister Foster Son Friend God Child Governess Grand Or Great Nephew Grand Or Great Niece Grandchild Granddaughter Grandfather Grandpa Grandmother Grandma Grandmother-In-Law Grandson Grandson-In-Law Great-Aunt Great-Grandfather Great-Grandmother Great-Great-Grandfather Great-Great-Grandmother Great-Uncle Guardian Guest Half Brother Half Brother-In-Law Half Sister Half Sister-In-Law Head Help Herder Hired Girl Hired Hand Hired Man Hireling Housekeeper Housemaid Houseworker Husband Inmate Laborer Launderer Lieutenant Lodger Maid Manager Matron Mother Mother-In-Law Nephew Nephew-In-Law Niece Niece-In-Law Nurse Officer Partner Patient Porter Principal Prisoner Pupil Relative Roomer Sailor Sergeant Servant Servants Child Sister Sister-In-Law Son Son-In-Law Step Granddaughter Step Grandson Stepbrother Stepbrother-In-Law Stepchild Stepdaughter Stepdaughter-In-Law Stepfather Stepfather-In-Law Stepmother Stepmother-In-Law Stepsister Stepsister-In-Law Stepson Stepson-In-Law Superintendent Tenant Uncle Uncle-In-Law Visitor Waiter Waitress Ward Warden Wife Workman