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  1. PDF Printer

    PDF Printer now working again. With thanks
  2. PDF Printer

    Tje printer is installed. Also to make sure it was, I earlier clicked on Install PDF printer and was "told" The PDF Printer is already installed.
  3. PDF Printer

    I don't know what you are saying. If you install the PDF driver from TMG (as above), it is listed as a printer driver in the system Devices and Printers list - "Wholly Genes PDF Writer v3". While the PDF driver is in the list, it cannot be used as a selected printer either from TMG or from any other application. The only way that it can be used is by outputting a report to Acrobat (PDF) from TMG. Okay - you have answered that part of my query - thanks. Now back to the topic in hand. How can I get rid of this Error 20 message. I do have Acrobat (PDF) checked in Reports/Output Tpes in Preferences.
  4. PDF Printer

    The Printer has been installed for some time, and I do realise that TMG sends the report to the driver. I was just surprised that the PDF driver does not show in the Priner Setup, and wondered if that created the problem. When I last created a PDF Report I cannot recall having any pronlem albeit was some time ago. Any thoughts?
  5. PDF Printer

    When saving a report to a pdf file I am getting "Activation Error: Printer not activated, error code 20".. WG PDF writer is installed. However it is not showing on the Selected List on Printer Setup. I am using Windows 7 (32 bit) and the latest version of TMG. How do I rectify the problem? Thanks
  6. Auckland TMG Users Group

    Contact: garryfbell@clear.net.nz or (09) 368 5636 Meeting info: Bi-monthly Garry's apartment at City Life Hotel, Queen Street, Auckland City Garry will e-mail all local members date of each meeting which are very very informal.