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  1. Combined Burial Plots

    I am using a custom tag called "InterredWith" and a sentence for Principal : [P] is buried in this plot<[L]>with<[WO]>. The Principal is the owner of the grave. For the witnesses sentences : [W] is buried in the same plot<[L]>as [P]<, in addition to [WO]>. Each person also has his/her own Burial Tag with the date, etc. The "InterredWith" tag helps me see connections. I sort these tags with a date of 1/1/3000 so they appear at the end of the Person Views. I also select this tag to print on reports when I’m trying to sort things out. (so many ancestors with the same names!) My tag doesn't list dates of the burials as Barbara's method does. I'm going to try her "cemetery people" as I like the idea of seeing the dates. Kathleen P