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  1. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    Robert, I am looking at the right app.ini. But it is even easier than that - I can just look at preferences within the app to see if it set right. And after a full day's use, it never is.
  2. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    Yes, I've made sure that the "repeat next time" box is checked on the prompt, but I still lose the prompt every day.
  3. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    The last three nights before shutdown I have looked to see if the prompt is set to Yes. Each night it had been turned off.
  4. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    I have not been able to repeat the above failure. I will have to get out my astrological map and see how the stars were aligned last night.
  5. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    The problem appears to be another of the "focus" problems that I have incurred before and never got resolved. The prompt parameter stayed as Yes from yesterday, through a shutdown last night and restart this morning, and all day today. Tonight I was working in a browser window on my 2nd screen, finished up, and reached over and clicked the X to close the TMG window on screen 1, without first giving that window focus. It shut down without prompting for backup, and when I checked the app.ini file, the prompt option was No.
  6. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    You should have this setting in the Advanced section of the file... [Advanced] PromptBackup=Yes I checked today just after opening my file, and the option was turned off. So either during shut down, after the backup, or during start up, the setting is getting changed to No
  7. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    Virginia, I've tried your suggestion several times, and the "Prompt for Backup" setting still doesn't stick.
  8. The "Prompt for Backup" setting, when checked, disappears every day, and I have to reset it. Running on Widows 7, 64 bit with current maintenance. Otherwise, everything is running smoothly.
  9. TMG 9.02 error message

    Thank you for pushing out 9.03 so quickly. It has resolved this problem and made life much easier than having to clear the error message every time I turned around. Thanks again!
  10. TMG 9.02 error message

    Is there a work-around for this error message? I just converted from 8.08 to 9.02 last night and am getting this error message just about every time I change from one person record to another.
  11. I need to get a new computer yet this year. Will TMG 8 run ok on Windows 8 or should I get out and buy while I can still get Windows 7 pre-installed?
  12. TMG7 Crash Changing Screens

    Sounds like it is time to jetison VFP9 and move to a platform with a future. I sure would like to hear what WG's plans are in this regard. I have a huge investment in TMG7 and it is getting larger every day. Maybe the new platform would be able to extract a GEDCOM in less than the 4.5 hours that TMG7 takes. My prior package of choice could do it in about ten minutes. Unfortunately that package was abandoned by its creators. Hope I haven't bet on two wrong horses in a row.
  13. TMG7 Crash Changing Screens

    There is nothing in the System error log to match this time stamp. In the Application error log the matching record identifies Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 as the culprit with event numbers 1000 and 1001.
  14. TMG7 Crash Changing Screens

    Found another instance of the VFPRerr.log file. Here is the error message text: Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2010.11.21 12:24:08 AM. Error log file: C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\VFP9Rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 556 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist v7\tmg7.exe} This error log file is 26kb in size and filled with nothing but this same error message over and over again.
  15. TMG7 Crash Changing Screens

    Yes, both monitors are at the same resolution. Yes, I believe that it is a VFP9 error, but for some reason the latest entry in the log file you name is from 2008. I don't ever recall a TMG crash when switching apps on the same monitor. I believe that I posted the error message the last time I reported the problem. How can one find their prior posts here? Jon