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Found 1 result

  1. For event tags, it is simple to mark a selected tag as the primary one of its type. It is also possible to have none of the events marked as primary. For example, there might be conflicting sources describing the date of birth for a person, and it is unclear which is "right". Having several birth events allows this to be shown easily. Only the primary birth event is shown in most reports. A similar problem is where the parentage is as yet uncertain. Imagine two people with the same name born in the same place at about the same time. We have records for both of them, but we don't know which of them is ours. We can record two sets of parents. TMG is quite happy about that. Unfortunately it seems that when we have multiple fathers or mothers, one has to be marked as the primary. We have a 50-50 chance of our guess being wrong, and others may take our guess as truth - they will ignore any surety values. Is there a way of allowing there to be NO primary relationship? Ideally reports such as Ancestor Chart would show none of the options we record if there is no primary relationship.