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Found 2 results

  1. My problems actually started in 8.06 with TMG starting quickly but then when I clicked last on the Welcome Window to load my project it started taking 10 minutes to load. This was 35 minutes at the highest point. I rebuilt my computer from the backup partition and then again from the DVD recovery disks. I reloaded 8.06 and it was taking about 13 minutes to load my project. Dorothy insisted that I go back to 8.08 so that she could help me and then suggested that I restore my last 8.04 backup. This solved everything after I restored about a month's worth of changes which took several days at least. At this point I only have Windows 7 Home Premium, Vipre Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes, TMG, Belarc Advisor, Adobe Reader, Adobe Digital Editions and FrontPage loaded on my computer. Now after a couple of weeks, I am back to taking 13-14 minutes to load my project. At least at this point, unlike when I was running 8.06, it is not slow once the data is loaded. I have run the maintenance and refreshed the relationships. I run Malwarebytes regularly and Vipre Antivirus does a deep scan every night. I defragment automatically every week. I am only using 13% of the 678 GB available to the C drive and have 8 GB of memory available on a quad-core hyper-threaded 2.6 GHz computer. Suggestions? Susan Moore
  2. (I haven't seen this after searching/browsing) I have a custom layout which shows Details, Children, Siblings, and Image. First issue: On startup, the Details window does not show. The workaround is to switch to the Standard layout and then back to my custom layout - then the Details window appears. Second issue: When I switch the view to a different individual, the Details window does not change to show the individual selected, though the other three open windows do change. The workaround is to click either the Family or Tree tab on the Details window, and then click back to Person.