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Found 1 result

  1. NOTE: This posting was also placed in the "Discontinuation of TMG" topic, where it is also relevant. Witness TMG Program Builds witness entries from TMG propritary project files and includes them in a compatible TMG generated GEDCOM file. The witnessTMG program asks that the TMG project be identified in the form of the core " . . . __.PJC" file of the project. It also asks for the input GEDCOM file to be identified. After the program processes and inserts the witness data, a new GEDCOM file is left in the program's folder as "newGEDCOM.ged". The generated witness statements are inserted as 1 EVEN 2 TYPE Witness: [role] in [eventtype] for [Prin1] and [Prin2] ** 2 DATE [date]* 2 PLACE [place]* * entry is omitted when [date] or [place] is blank. ** either or both [prin1] and [prin2] is omitted when blank. It was originally developed to use gedcoms produced by some earlier versions of TMG. It was then revised to handle gedcoms produced by TMG Version 8. Tom Holden, another contributer to this forum, has successfully tested it with gedcoms produced by TMG version 9. You may download the witnessTMG package via www.crestline-enterprises.com/witnessTMG. The WitnessTMG package is in the form of a zip file, whose only content is the "WitnessTMG.exe" program. One should extract the program from the zipped package and store in a convenient folder. You can run it from this folder, which becomes the folder containing the output "newGEDCOM.ged". IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for the WitnessTMG Program to be able to read the internal files of The Master Genealogist, one must first install the Microsoft VFPOLEDB facility before installing the WitnessTMG Program. This can be gotten from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=14839 I believe that one may choose either of the relevant installers to download, although I have used VFPOLEDBSetup.msi. After the VFPOLEDB facility has been installed, one may install the WitnessTMG Program. All that is strictly required is that the GEDCOM file have the same numbering conventions of the TMG file and that the TMG file include all individuals that occur in the GEDCOM file. This requirement is most easily satisfied if the TMG project is the project file itself used to generate the GEDCOM file or is a superset of that project file.