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Endnotes stopped printing

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For some unknown reason when sending an individual narrative report to Word, with endnotes selected, the endnotes no longer print in the Word document. Previously this worked fine.


A message window comes up between the "do I want to overwrite the previous version" window and the "do I want to open Word now" window.


But, this new message window comes up UNDERNEATH all the other open windows, so I only see its corner flash by. I can't seem to stop the process long enough to put the other screens to the back and bring it to the front to see what it says!


Any suggestions?

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I fixed my problem.

For anyone interested, the problem seems to be in the way text is viewed in Word; not a TMG problem.


In Word, view the report as "print view," and see the endnotes at the bottom of the page automatically. But, viewing in "normal view" requires clicking on footnotes in the menu bar to see the endnotes at the bottom. Whether or not they're visible on the screen, however, the endnotes still are there and will print out at the end of the document. (Assuming your word is set for endnotes at the end of the document.)


Evidently, closing the computer, reset Word back to normal view.

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