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I purchased the Gold version of TMG many years ago, before the UK version was available.


Over the years I have upgraded as newer versions became available. The version I am now running is V7.03 (GOLD)


Could you please tell me


1. Is it technicially possible to change from one version to the other. I am running 3 databases, one 'normal' family, one 'one name study' and one I am compiling of the ruling families of Europe from 1000BC (give or take a few millenia). All three have the same basic structure, I have not made massive changes to fields.


2. If it is technically possible, what will it cost? I am hoping that it won't be the full price of $59.00.


I am a registered user of TMG and can supply my serial number.

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All you need to do is to download the UK Edition, uninstall the US Edition, install the UK Edition, and unlock the installation using your current registration information.



The US and UK versions of TMG7 are the same program. The only difference is that after installation of the program, the UK Edition has some customizations added.


An existing US project will not be changed when opened in the UK edition. In other words, the UK customizations will not automagically appear in your US project.


If you are running the UK edition and want to add UK customizations to a US project, you need to do the following...


Create a new project. This project will have the UK customizations.

Add a dummy person with a Birth event to this project.


Open your US project.

Merge the new UK project into your US project. (File / Merge)

Merge the UK data set into your existing US data set. (File / Data Set Manager)


That will add the UK tag types, styles and source types to your existing US data set.


You can globally change the style for existing tags using TMG Utility.



There is a TMG UK mail list.


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