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I am using TMG v7.03 Gold UK edition with Windows Vista Ultimate.


When I click on "Check for Updates" from the help tag in TMG the programme shuts down and I then get the following error message.


"No application in c:/program files/the master genealogist v7 is associated with the update engine so it cannot check for updates. Please ensure this software is installed properly".


I have installed patches 01 02 and 03 using check for updates and had no problem.


Any ideas why problem has started now and what I need to do to cure it.



Tom Gray

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See this earlier forum message for the workaround:








Thank for the link and I have applied the workaround, however.........


When I went through the check for an update routine it advised I was running TMG v 7.00 which I am not as I checked before starting and it was v 7.03.000

The message advised to press next to begin. After the update is downloaded it will be automatically applied. When next started TMG should reflect v 7.03.000.


Thinking it was odd that it thinks I'm using v 7.00 I accepted the download.


On pressing Next it advised that it would be saved as c:/programme files/the master genealogist v 7/placeholder.exe.


I continued and the process was over in the blink of an eye.


I repeated the above as it was obvious nothing had downloaded and this time I noticed that download file size was 000000 Bytes.

It still thinks I am using v 7.00.0000.


I then checked in the nominated folder and there is a file called placeholder.exe which says it is 5.41KB. Nothing happens if I double click on it.


A third attempt still offers the same download and still thinks I am using v 7.00.0000 when the "About TMG" shows v 7.03.0000.


Any ideas?


Tom Gray

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