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VCF Chart Border

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It is relatively easy to create some saved and reuseable elements that you can use to create your own chart border.


The trick is to make a corner element that is symmetric and a matching boder edge element.




In this example the two elements have been coloured red. Both the border and the corner elements need to be made of two or more drawing objects that must be grouped together to form that element. They need to be carefully constructed to be able to be stretched and flipped, copied and pasted to form the thickness of the border that you want (being a grouped object the internal parts will stretch proportionally). The length and width of the edges can be adjusted until you get the effect that you want.


Many designs are possible - this is a tip to encourage you to produce your own.

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BorderFull10_7_2008.png CloseUp2_10_7_2008.png BothTBs10_7_2008.png

-----Chart with borders ----------Border close-up--------------Toolbars used


This chart has a simple border, just on the top and bottom of the chart - and this is how I did it:


Drew a line (using the diagonal line icon) the width of the page, minus the margins.

Selected the line and copied/pasted 2 more lines below the first using Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V.

The lines were not lined up on the left side, so I selected them all and used the Alignment Toolbar (align left) making sure I selected last the line I wanted the other two to line up with.


Made the lines different colors (to match the box colors) and made them different widths.

Top line: 4 pixels, blue (a darker shade of the blue box)

Middle line: 3 pixels, brown (again a little darker than the box)

Bottom line: 2 pixels, gold (darker)


After widening the lines, I had to adjust the spacing between them just a bit.

I selected all three lines and Grouped them (as one) so I could Copy the border to the bottom of the chart.


After copying the border to the bottom, I selected it and used the Rotate toolbar > Flip horizontal to make the bottom border the reverse of the top border.


The last thing I did was save a copy of the border to my VCF palette so I could use it again in another chart and just change the colors.



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