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Baptisms and Births together on chart

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There is a publication requirement for some genealogical charts to show both birth and baptism data.


But TMG has the standard Baptism tag in the Birth Group, and when there is a Primary Birth tag, that Baptism information cannot be directly output on a VCF Chart. When there is no Birth tag and the Baptism tag is Primary, TMG uses that date as a surrogate to estimate age and to sort the birth order of children, etc.



Create a custom "Baptized" tag (or similar distinct label) in the other Group.


There are 4 cases to consider:

Add Primary Birth tag - no existing Baptism tag

enter Primary Birth as normal


Add Primary Baptism tag - no existing Birth tag

enter Primary Baptism as normal

also add an other group Baptised tag with same information (but remove Primary status)


Add Primary Birth tag - existing Primary Baptism tag

enter Primary Birth as normal (Baptism tag is now not Primary)

make Primary other group Baptised tag


Add Baptism tag - existing Primary Birth tag

enter Baptism tag as normal (ensure that Birth is still Primary)

also add an other group Baptised tag with same information (make Primary)

(this double entry of Baptism info means that some report filters will continue to give the desired results)




For each Box Type on the Data Types tab,


i. Select the Birth *Group line that you want to see

(it will Birth when that is Primary and Baptism when that tag is primary)


ii. Select the Baptized * line that you want to see when there is a primary Birth tag


On the Other tab, make sure Remove blank lines is checked.

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