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Virginia Blakelock

Tip for chart format w/o spouse connector lines

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The screenshot shows a chart with and without spouse connector lines. The Left Align option (red arrow in screenshot) can be used to facilitate moving and aligning spouse boxes. The VIDEO here shows how boxes can be colored using the palette technique and then aligned with the Left Align option.


A second VIDEO here shows how the grouped boxes are moved after editing. The boxes are selected using the marquee method: leftclick on chart background and draw a rectangle to the diagonally opposite corner of the area, creating a dotted-line box around the area. Be sure to include the related connecting lines, in this example lining up the left side center of the 'cube' with the adjoining line. It can help to enlarge the view: View / Zoom Percent / 200. For a small group like this, I prefer to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the boxes. You can also use the Nudge buttons on the toolbar, or the Group option and drag the selection.



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