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Stuart Cardell

Creating a chart of all of my relations

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Hi All


Hope I'm not doubling up on something that has already been asked, but I am at a loss as to how to do this so I thought I would ask and see if anyone can help me.


I've been using TMG for years now, but I'm certainly not a power user by any stretch of the imaginiation and I have upgraded as I've gone along from V4 UK to V5 and now to V7.


Every now and then I used to run a chart of everyone related to me. It was really nice to see it all and be able to place all of the people I knew in the family. Since upgrading to V7 I just can't find a way to do this, I can't get it by doing and ancester report as it doesn't come back forwards to pickup the cousins etc and of course the reverse is true for the descendants, Hourglass doesn't solve this either.


Can anyone suggest how to do this, it is driving me crazy, as I've done a lot of research and added new people recently and I would dearly love to print out a new one. It must have been possible at some stage as I am looking at an old chart which shows exactly what I want, please help!




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A pair of quick comments -

1) There have been several previous wishlist requests for an "all relatives" chart.

2) I would suggest that in the past you have never created a complete version of such a chart within TMG by a simple procedure. It can be done on a case-by-case basis with a lot of work.


I think that if you search the Rootsweb TMG-L archives that you will find suggestions of exporting your TMG data to another package that has such a charting feature. There are at least 3 packages that can produce a variant of this style of chart - each has a different way of approaching the layout so you need to look at examples to make sure that the package will produce the chart that you expect.



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