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Dave Dalton

Event IDs - can I get to them?

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The Research Task box, and perhaps other places, displays a numeric ID associated with selected events, as do the Person, Source, and Repository selections in that box. TMG makes good use of the Person, Source, and Repository IDs in several places by displaying them and giving the user an option to enter the numeric ID when selecting tags.


It appears that the Event ID is not an accessible field for selection or display. It does not appear in the tag line on the Person view, nor on the Master Event List. The Picklist contains the Person ID, the Master Source List contains the Source ID, and the Repository List contains the Repository ID. But for an Event ID, it appears that we are out of luck--it doesn't appear in the Master Event List or anywhere else that I know of except in the Task box.


Selecting an Event by Event number when it is known instead of by filtering or scrolling the Master Event List would make Event tag selection a lot easier, especially if the Event number were displayed somewhere in Tag descriptions, especially the descriptions on the Person view.


Is the Event ID available for display and use anywhere? Are there plans to make it available? Am I missing something (easy enough to do, since I am a relatively new TMG user!)?


Thanks, Dave Dalton

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