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What are the advantages to being a member of the forum?

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[b]What are the advantages to being a member of the forum?[/b]

[b]Answer:[/b] As a guest to the Wholly Genes Community Forum, you can access many of the forum resources and read messages but many other useful features are only available to you if you register as a member.

Registering is [b]free[/b] and easy and it allows you to:
[*]write or respond to messages in most forums;
[*]identify messages that are new since your last visit;
[*]get e-mail notifications of new topics;
[*]get e-mail notifications of updates to topics that interest you;
[*]send and receive private messages with other board members;
[*]plot your location on the Member Map;
[*]create a custom signature and graphic (avatar);
[*]access members-only areas;
[*]and more.
[/list][url="http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=00"]Click here[/url] to register as a member of the Wholly Genes Community Forum.

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