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I am trying to create an Ancestor chart and had to stop and send this request before I forget...


When I am in the 'chart option, data types' I would like to be able to change the order of data bits or insert one into the list instead of at the end. I like to put the events in roughly chronological order - so birth, marriage, death. Then I realize I want the cause of death which is in the death memo and I add it after, no problem. Then I decide I want the primary occupation... which seems odd after death, or the immigration data, which is definitely not after death. I think the only way to do this now is to replace death with occupation and death memo with immigration and then add death and death memo again. A 'move up/move down' function would be lovely.


Thanks, Lori

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Also, I would like to be able to have an image in the boxes above the Name field. I can't figure out how to do this now, if it can be done. Even after the chart is created I can't move the image separate from the box. In a descendant chart I'm doing for a wedding, I want to include a lot of living people, birth-death years for them and the ancestors that tie them together and possibly their relationship to the wedding couple. The picture isn't allowed to be more than half the width of the box which makes the pictures either very small, or the boxes very big.


The chart is really huge, as you can imagine - 42" tall and about 10 feet wide. People love these though, especially at weddings where they are all together. If anyone has any great ideas I would love to hear them.


Lori Bragg

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Lori -


There are many examples in Mike Talbot's composite-chart threads where he has used large photographs or other images by pasting the image directly on the canvas using the New Image button (icon has mountain scene on yellow background). You can then move the image around independent of the person's box and experiment with the most effective location.



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