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  1. The Future for TMG

    Exactly! I no longer want to deal with a software company that cannot and will not communicate with its users. Really... who needs that kind of aggravation? Version 8 will have to be amazing for me to pay premium $$$ for it and we have no indication of any kind what it will be. We might as well move on.
  2. I woke up this morning with an idea I thought I'd share - right now it's still just a germ of an idea really. See the attached image of my dual monitor screen print to get the gist. My TMG layout is on the left screen and the right screen has a notebook from SpringPad. I got an iPad for Christmas and I found this great app called SpringPad that is phenomenal and fun. It's a productivity tool and has several features which make it stand out in that crowded field - 1. the ability to 'clip' any image or text from the web and send it directly to a notebook within SpringPad and you can look up stuff from within the app, 2. it is web-based so you can update your notebooks on the mobile app or on your browser and they will stay synced always, 3. it's FREE! 4. you can layout a notebook as a 'board'. We all know how complex genealogy can be - lots of facts, people, places - details! And when you are researching TMG does a really good job of letting you lay out a lot of those in the best way for you. There are still holes though - at least for me. I'm one of those people that likes everything visible and close. I started a notebook in SpringPad dedicated to one of my favorite ancestors. I have a few pictures of him and places he lived, lots of documents, etc. SpringPad isn't made for genealogists, so it's a little rough laying these out and I've only done a few here to see if its a viable tool. Some things, like an hourglass chart, are small icons that you can blow up to a larger size if you need it and otherwise make room to see other stuff. The map item will pin any place that is noted within the notebook - automatically. You can make checklists, shopping lists, etc. As with many computer programs, it has trouble with dates outside the realm of computer lifespans (Excel has an issue with this as well). What do you think of this as an idea for your research? Do you think this could be a useful tool if it was tweaked toward genealogy research? It couldn't replace all the links and details that are within TMG - just be another tool.
  3. The Future for TMG

    Frankly, the unicode and FoxPro issues are, to me, indicators of a much larger problem: COMMUNICATION. The lack of it. In any form. On any topic. unfortunatley, this does send a message and we are hearing it loud and clear: "Our customers are too difficult/moody/cranky/uninformed to understand our business. They will just have to wait until we are good and ready to talk at them. Let them talk to each other - we're too busy to care what they think about our product." In an era when companies from all industries, including software, are using Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, blogs, etc to get information to and from their customers Wholly Gene's lack of communication and attitude is all the more obvious and grating! TMG is the most complete, most useful genealogy product on the market. It probably has a few years of viability before another product overtakes it. The company attitude is what will kill it. Lori Bragg
  4. Communication

    I am wondering if I am missing some newsletters or have fallen off the mailing list? It seems like there is less and less communication... especially since several people wanted to know the status of the next version. Honestly, in an era where most companies are using the latest technology to communicate constantly with their customer-base, not hearing at all is a little worrisome. My two cents.
  5. Still Waiting For Version 8

    I too wish for some kind of update. I love TMG. There are things I would like to see that are not in version 7. I have no idea whether any of these things are going to be in version 8, 9 or ever. I don't want to change software. Technology changes a lot; a lot more than we probably need it to change and yet over time we find many of these changes/upgrades are very useful. WG is a small company. Users can be cranky - both when they hear something and when they don't hear something. One aspect of technology that is changing is that users want to be more interactive with the companies they buy hardware and software from [ie: apps]. All of these are true statements. I use another database program for my library catalog that is from a small company (Collectorz.com). They probably have a similar business model - few employees, devoted users, database software that needs/wants updating continuously, etc. They use Facebook and other communication tools to constantly update their customer base on what is happening and they put out several smaller upgrades to keep their users up to date (and I would guess this provides a more regular revenue stream as well). Even on major shifts in technology they keep their users informed. There will always be cranky customers; most people are pretty calm, though opinionated. I think more information/interaction would be appropriate and appreciated. We all want TMG to do well. Unless there is competitive information that would damage market standing, open communication would benefit all parties.
  6. Find people with specific source

    List of Citations with filter of Source No. = [?] Save this report configuration and you can use it anytime you wish. When you run it it will ask for the Source No. Brain dead it is! Thank you for your help. Lori
  7. I am wondering if there is a way to find the people, or the tags, that have a specific source cited. I haven't found a way to filter for it or to print a report based on it. I may be brain dead here...
  8. Thanks so much Virginia! That will help a lot! Lori
  9. Also, I would like to be able to have an image in the boxes above the Name field. I can't figure out how to do this now, if it can be done. Even after the chart is created I can't move the image separate from the box. In a descendant chart I'm doing for a wedding, I want to include a lot of living people, birth-death years for them and the ancestors that tie them together and possibly their relationship to the wedding couple. The picture isn't allowed to be more than half the width of the box which makes the pictures either very small, or the boxes very big. The chart is really huge, as you can imagine - 42" tall and about 10 feet wide. People love these though, especially at weddings where they are all together. If anyone has any great ideas I would love to hear them. Lori Bragg
  10. I am trying to create an Ancestor chart and had to stop and send this request before I forget... When I am in the 'chart option, data types' I would like to be able to change the order of data bits or insert one into the list instead of at the end. I like to put the events in roughly chronological order - so birth, marriage, death. Then I realize I want the cause of death which is in the death memo and I add it after, no problem. Then I decide I want the primary occupation... which seems odd after death, or the immigration data, which is definitely not after death. I think the only way to do this now is to replace death with occupation and death memo with immigration and then add death and death memo again. A 'move up/move down' function would be lovely. Thanks, Lori
  11. Version 8?

    What are you referring to? You can now drag and drop image files from Windows Explorer into the Exhibit Log. Sorry. I did notice that later. I have never found the media portion to be very intuitive though. I don't know if you have seen the new software My Blood, but it has a very visual interface for things like data, media, mapping, including sibling, parent, child data in the timeline, etc. I'm not looking to switch because from what I can see there are also drawbacks and things I would miss, like the some of the flexibility of the interface and reports - it just has a different and somewhat more current feel. For example, being able to put one picture in and identify all of the people in it, linking it to each of those in the database. I couldn't get the map portion to work at all but the way it is 'supposed to look' from the documentation looks very interesting. It might prevent me from putting New York in the country space or misspelling Manhattan. Just thoughts. I love TMG. Lori
  12. Version 8?

    I would love to see a drag-and-drop interface for images. Lori
  13. Is there a way to get tags from "other info" box to show up in charts? For example, number of children would be an interesting thing to show in an ancestor box chart and it is something that can change as you add data so it is not something I want to create a note for. Even last edited would be handy when you are using a chart as a reference and trying to figure out what lines you may have neglected. Thanks, Lori
  14. Journal Report

    I am trying to use the Journal Report to create a 'flowing narrative' ala Terry Riegel's suggestions (and others'). Each generation has a subtitle (ie, Generation One) and each paragraph after has a number at the beginning (ie 1. Katherine Calamari was born...). Also in the list of children of the couple it numbers them twice: once for the paragraph reference (I think) and once in lower case roman numerals. Do I just need to edit these out after I export to a Word file or can I get the report to take these out? Much thanks! Lori Bragg
  15. Weeding my Tree

    Thanks everyone for the insight. I probably don't need to weed then; it just seemed like it would speed things up. I have about 18000 names in my database now and maybe 3000 to 5000 are people who seem to be related to people who are related to people who married people who are cousins several times removed. I will live with it for now and work thru other puzzles. See if that helps clarify. Lori