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Recording land & homestead records

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As I went through the tag types, I discovered that there was no tag for recording land purchases and homesteading. I noticed somewhere in examples that someone had recorded land records. I am assuming that that tag was a custom tag, however having never created a custom tag I have no idea where to start. Could someone possibly send me a template that I could use to start a custom tag?


Thanks. Duane I. Smith

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Hi Duane,


Several users have commented on similar custom tags both on this Forum and on the TMG-L RootsWeb mailing list. For examples here you might look at these postings in the Sentences Forum:

Land Transaction Sentences

Land Grant Tag


Creating custom tags is easy. Just go to Tools // Master Tag Type List and select "Add". A Tag Type Definition Screen will appear. Give your tag a unique name in the "Label" field, assign it to a group (in this case I suggest "Other"), and then define your custom roles and sentences on the tab for that data. Once you define your new Type, you will be able to add a new tag of that type for the people desired. If you have questions, first start with the TMG Help Topic "Tag Type Definition", but always feel free to just ask.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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