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Page Set-up or Custom Cut Marks

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I am preparing a descendant chart for a reunion. Currently I am using a Descendant Box Chart with a Left to Right Orientation and it is 2 feet wide by 17 feet high. I tried different orientations but this appears to be the one that makes the smallest chart. However, I will obviously not be able to display a 17 foot high chart. I was trying to set the Page Set-Up to Custom so I could put in page cutmarks at about each 5 feet. However, it appears that when you choose custom, it doesn't let you put in any paper sizes. I would be interested in any suggestions for the following: 1. How to put in Custom paper sizes 2. Can you put in manual cutmarks? 3. Any ideas on different charts I could use that would make my chart more manageable for display. This is a 7 generation chart. Thanks a lot. Pat

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Pat -


Maybe you could break it down at some logical point and then color-code family groups. Depends on how much information you plan to include and whether you will have images.


Say -


A top-to-bottom wall chart for the first two generations (first screenshot). My example is just under 2 ft wide but could be made much larger. This could be a separate wall chart or at the top of a larger wall chart with separate color-coded family groups (left-to-right) arranged below (screenshot 2), or the smaller charts could be one-page charts that people could take home with them (screenshots 3 and 4). One page charts in a plastic page protector look almost like they are laminated.


Whatever you decide, let us know if you need any help with it.



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