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Mike Talbot

Multi-Relationship Chart-composite, single page

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This attached Relationship Chart is a composite of several standard VCF ancestor charts. Its purpose was to show the relationship of people actively compiling and sharing information on their family research. It took a pleasant afternoon to constuct and the results enjoyed by many relatives.


VCF standard Ancestor Charts were generated with TMG and the needed individual boxes were copied and then pasted to a blank chart. The boxes were then moved to fit on a 14 x 8.5 inches page and colored. Connector lines were drawn, explanatory text was added and the chart was trimmed. Details on living persons were deleted for this presentation.


The chart was the work of a long, but pleasant afternoon. A few hours of work would have been saved if TMG would change the standard text graphics Relationship Chart to a VCF chart.


Enjoy VCF to make useful charts that no genealogy program could possibly do as a standard.


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