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Using TMG to record contact details of correspondents

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Is it thought a good idea to use TMG to record the addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people who I have corresponded with about family history matters? Or is it better to use a completely different system for this (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or your favourite e-mail program)? Many (but of course by no means all) of the people I have corresponded with are in my family tree so it would avoid duplication to use TMG to hold their current contact details. I suppose it would need a synchronisation facility to allow these addresses to be used by my e-mail program, but these are common these days, so should not be too much of a problem. It might also be useful to maintain (as GenesReunited does) a link between the correspondent and the person in my tree who they are corresponding about - then at a future date I could ask "show me a list of all the people I have corresponded with about person X and his descendants".


What are your thoughts?


Thanks - Rowan

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Yes, I do something like this for some of my people. I recommend defining and using custom tag type(s), with some kind of custom sentences. Then you can select to exclude the tag type(s) from your normal genealogy reports, but select only these to produce a report with only this information. Maybe one tag type for addresses, another for phone numbers, and yet another for e-mail addresses? Sending the report with appropriate sentences to an ASCII file might make syncing that file of data with some other software easier.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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