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What happened to the Age tag in the Customize Other Info window? It seems to have been replaced by something called "Selecte". Enabling Selecte doesn't provide any values.


I have English (U.S.) selected as my language. I looked up Age in English (U.S.), English (U.K.), and English2 -- there was no substitute entered for any of these.


I uninstalled and reinstalled TMG and the problem persists. The Age tag works correctly in the Sample Project. Therefore the problem must be in my working project.


I've Optimized, Validated File Integrity, and Optimized several times.

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Rick -


This is a very old 'selecte' bug that I haven't seen in years. If you had searched the mailing list archives here for 'selecte' you could have saved yourself some work. It is a simple glitch in the .pjc file for that project, perhaps a hiccup when TMG was loading the project.


While TMG is closed, open the .pjc file for that project with Notepad and look for the [Otherinfobox] section. It looks like the example below from the Sample Project. The 'Y' means that the info is enabled (selected for display on screen); if not enabled there would be an N. If you compare it with your file you can probably figure out what you need to edit to fix it.






Selected4=Tag count/Y


Selected6=Last edited/Y


Let us know if you have any questions -



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