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I have a new iPhone and would like to put my TMG data on it. Can someone give me specific directions how to do this? Is there a special app for this--or can you suggest an appropriate app and where I might find the app?


Thank you


Lillian Cain

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Hi Lillian,


TMG is strictly a Windows program, so the program itself will not run on the iPhone. Also GEDCOM is usually a bad choice for a copy of your TMG data, as the GEDCOM standard is so old that it has no way to represent a lot of the information you can record in TMG. The solution many people seem to find useful is to convert their entire TMG data into web pages which link to each other, and transfer those web pages to their portable device. Then a normal web browser app can read and display those pages on their device. I would highly recommend looking at the program SecondSite, with web page here, that makes it extremely easy to convert TMG to web pages. Not sure about the iPhone, but there was some discussion about the iPad on the separate SecondSite user forum here. Maybe some users on that forum will have suggestions about how to transfer SecondSite web pages into an iPhone.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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