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Report tab shortcut

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Is there someplace already existing that will tell me how to make & place a “shortcut” button on the tool bar for selected reports?

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Assuming you already have a custom toolbar (if you need help setting one up, let us know):


In the Custom Toolbar Manager, on the right side (Unused buttons) cursor down the list almost to the bottom - just after the HELP functions - to a section labeled SPECIAL FUNCTIONS. The 4th item there is 'Run a report of a specific name.' Hightlight that function and ADD it to the left side.


Now you will see at the bottom of the screen a field labeled 'Report :' with a dropdown list of all your reports. Select the specific report you want to put on the custom toolbar. (You are not finished yet; don't click OK!). Choose a picture or text or add a descriptive tooltip message. If you do not want to add any more buttons at the time, then click OK to close that window - or continue adding buttons. Just remember to add all the buttons you want before clicking OK.


There is a downloadable image with the instructions here. To download, click on Details > Download (below the image).


And welcome to the forum! If you are new to our message format, a tip for replying to messages: type your reply on a new line below the quoted message and click the 'Add Reply' button.



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