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  1. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    So I reset the report config to "default". Now I get the report in pdf format. Useless to me. When I changed it back to WORD, get same error as mentioned above. And no report..
  2. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    Yes, I ran the installer with repair. No luck. So I uninstalled TMG 8.08 from my computer. Turned the machine off. Them reinstalled the software. Did the upgrade to 8.08 again. But am still unable to run the Family Group Sheet report on this machine. What else can I try now? Bob in AZ
  3. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    I installed Win 10 on my laptop, and on my desktop. TMG program on my laptop works fine. But on the desktop, whenever I try to run a Family Group Sheet report, I get his message -- “conversion error #14: could not create destination file”. I have tried reinstalling the TMG ver 8.08 from disk, but without success. Same error message. Can you offer any suggestions that maybe help me? Thnx in advance for your time and patience. Bob O'Brien in AZ
  4. Father - OTH tag

    What does this tag mean? When would I use it?
  5. Is there someplace already existing that will tell me how to make & place a “shortcut” button on the tool bar for selected reports?
  6. In narrative reports, principal name is [P], or [P1]. After a marriage, how do I modify this to show the given name, birth name, then the new married name for females? id. est.: Mary JONES married Sam SMITH. After their marriage, I want the report to show her name as Mary Jones SMITH.
  7. Can someone tell me how to do this? Or, maybe direct me to a reference already published somewhere. I want to show all members of a house hold in both the FAMILY GROUP SHEET, and in the DESCENDANT INDENTED REPORT. This should include adopted children, foster children, non-adopted children from sandwich families. Example: MARY has two children from her previous marriage. JOHN has one son from his previous marriage. None of these three children have been adopted by the “new” parent. Now MARY and JOHN have another child of their own. I know how to show the correct tags for parentage. But I want to show all six children in the two reports mentioned above with their correct relationship noted. Is this possible? Bob in AZ