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TMG Not Responding

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I have just tried to add a person and TMG greyed-out and the error 'Not Responding' appeared.


This rarely happened in the past, but has occurred a few times over the last week or so. Today there have been 3 instances - and I have a few hours left before I close down. (NB Actions other than add-a-person may have caused earlier failures - at the time I didn't note the action I was taking)


After each failure I have closed TMG, reloaded, then Optimized, ReIndexed, Optimized.


The last time 'String too long to fit' appeared when I tried to load TMG. I reloaded and it loaded normally. Running maintenance, Optimize reported difference 705,182 bytes. This error may be just a 'one off'


I have two databases open. Could this have a bearing on the problem?


I am running Windows 7 Home premium, UK Gold version.


Any suggestions much appreciated.

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I find I have some sort of same problem. I will be working along, entering data, adding people's names, etc. Then, all of a sudden, when I go to add another person's name; I click on "Add New Person" button, and when "Add New Person Type" screen appears, All is Greyed out. Now, if I switch, from one parent to the other, and try again, I can enter the new person. However, to get back to "normal" entry again, I have to close the program and restart it.

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John -


I moved this topic from the Sentence Structures forum to a Support Forum. Are you using v7 or v8?


When everything is greyed out have you tried going to Window on the top menu and selecting Center the Current Window? That will bring any possibly hidden window (awaiting your response) to the front of the layout.



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