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TMG 8 Freezes

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I installed TMG8 last night and am having a major problem. This hasn't happened so far on other tags, but on Marriage tags when I click on the Sentence

button I get this error: "Field name is a duplicate or invalid 88 FRMPROLE.MROLES". When this happens TMG freezes and I have to use alt/ctrl delete to close it. I have tried to optimize and validate and that did not help. I saw a message where someone was having a similar error on a different tag and was advised to go to the Master Tag List and try to edit the tag. I tried this with the marriage tag, but as soon as I clicked EDIT I got the same message and the program froze. Could the problem have something to do with my using a custom marriage sentence? I never had a problem with it in TMG 7. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. :wacko:

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