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Truncating Names in Pedigree Charts

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I've been waiting for v8 so I could output reports to a word processor and, while that does seem to work just fine, I've discovered that there is a "name" truncating issue when sending a pedigree chart to a word processor.


I have some long names in my database (some with a title or a suffix or both, and many with a middle name), but I find that these long names are being severely truncated in v8---even though there seems to be plenty of "name space" available in either the four or five generation pedigree chart. While the output is in a proportional font, making it hard to set a fixed character count, it looks to me like I'm losing up to as many as 14 characters for extremely long names. This also happens when I output the pedigree chart as a PDF---I get exactly the same truncation as the word processor output. Interestingly, when I run the same pedigree chart using v7 to output a PDF, the truncating is much less severe and I get most of my long names---so something changed in v8.


I'm not sure what anyone could suggest, except that maybe this is something that WG should look at.



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