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Is this software still available

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I purchased Family Tree SuperTools software in May of 2011. I had to do a system recovery on my computer and will need to reinstall supertools and gen bridge. I have contact the company via e-mail and asked for another link so I can reinstall the software I purchased earlier. I have heard nothing. I called and left a message to be contacted by phone and I heard nothing. So I decided to just buy the product again and guess what, I get errors on the link page for purchasing. I have looked for other places that could possibly sell "supertools" and they all lead back to Wholly Genes. Is this software still available. I really liked it because it allowed me to make changes manually. Please help!! January is my "I'm couped up so this get things done" month.

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Dobie -


If you wanted to work on charts sooner, maybe you could download the 30-day v8 trial version and use VCF - same as FTST.


Nice to hear that you like FTST. Have you checked out the VCF forum for chart ideas?



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