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GOWIZARD and OLE error code 0x80040154 when trying to back up

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Have just started to get error codes when trying to back up any one of my three totally separate ver8 databases:


OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 35 MENUOBJTMG.MBACKUPWIZARD [Abort, Retry, Ignore]


If I select Ignore or Retry, I get:



If I click X in upper right corner (instead of File > Exit), I get:

Visual FoxPro error: Cannot Quit Visual FoxPro


I have rebooted, then run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize. Still got same errors.


Closed TMGv8, rebooted, turned off virus scanner, started TMG and tried File > Backup, but still got same errors.


Saw on forum in response to same OLE Error Code to remove Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 (Amyuni) driver, which I did, but did not install the PDF driver (don't need it; have Acrobat Pro). Still get same errors.


Thanks! ~Carol

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Have submitted problem to TMG support through Help menu, so hopefully will find solution. Just noticed where someone on Ver 7 forum is having the exact same problem.

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