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Mike Talbot

Relationship by marriage VCF chart

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This example is presented for an exchange of ideas.


Recently, I was asked to produce a chart showing Brooke Shields' connection to the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg. As it turns out, her 2nd cousin is married to the brother of the present Grand Duke. I had never considered doing such a relationship by marriage chart before. The hardest part was visualizing how best to show this. The VCF work took little more than an hour. Work? It was fun!


Attached is the resulting chart in two formats, JPG and PDF using CutePDF Writer (for viewing by us visually challenged folks). It is a composite of 3 ancestor charts (most of the needed boxes) and 2 descendant charts (just to get spouse boxes). The chart layout fits a landscape, letter sized page. The individual techniques involved are explained in old posts by Virginia, Robin and me. Suggestions? Questions? Comments?


Note: My apologies, some liberties were taken with the long nobility names.


Best wishes,



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