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Custom Tags - Filtering in Proj Explorer - V8.01

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Please help, as guess I've done something wrong !!!

Up until last week, had UK v.8.0 and all was happy.

Now, upgrade to v.8.0.1 and not so ...

... problem is with my 'custom' tags (eg Census1911) - they don't seem to be recognised in Proj Explorer filters - eg Census1911 - # tags - >0 is coming back as none, yet I have loads enterred !


Please advise, worked fine until last week - only thing since was 8.01 upgrade.



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Have you tried re-indexing, optimizing and running VFI?


I'm running 8.01, but the US Version so I can't specifically say that what you are using works, but the US Version is able to see the Custom Flags that I added when trying to filter the Project Explorer


Dave O.

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