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  1. Just ran an export and mine created a 12,875 KB file that appears to be good. Are you using the Wizard, what options are checked when you run it? Dave
  2. Twins

    Jim, Have you been using the Multiple Birth Flag? If you have you could just do a List of People Report using Multiple Birth = 2 as your search criteria. Dave
  3. Missing exhibits

    You can look at the Exhibit Log, select all exhibits and then filter by Type for images. However you'll then have to look through the results for the frowny face. Another method would be to get PathWiz, a program that allows you to work with Exhibits and can tell you more about images, and can identify a missing image. I've used a file naming technique for many years now so that if I lose an image the VFI report will tell me who/or what source the image is attached to through the file name itself. Hope this helps Dave O.
  4. TMG 8.05 setup file

    I'm guessing that you have already tried reindexing, optimizing and running VFI? Dave
  5. TMG 8.05 - repeat files

    Helmut, I've tried to duplicate your problem using a newly created project. After getting some initial entry information entered through the data entry I checked to see what the repeat would do. As this was a clean install of TMG8.06, there were no repeat values for any field, even after the initial data entry was complete. As soon as I created and completed a new tag entry though, any subsequent entry had repeat values available. Have you looked at your files in the UsersxxxxxxDocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8Repeat_files directory? When you add anything does the time stamp of the Repeat.DBF, Repeat.FPT and Repeat_S.DBF change? If you click to see the properties of those files does your account have permissions to make changes? Dave
  6. TMG 8.05 - repeat files

    I'm guessing that the TMG language installed is German as well? Is it possible that language selection has something to do with this? Dave
  7. TMG 8.05 setup file

    Gilles, It is my understanding that previous versions aren't available from the Wholly Genes site, only the archived patches for Version 7 seem to show. You might be able to contact support during the week and see if they have the pervious version available. What issues are you having? Dave
  8. Can't Backup

    As a thought, did you recently add any large exhibits, or change them after linking them to your source or event? Where are your exhibits stored, in the default folder? As a test, you could move all your exhibits to another folder, my suggestion would be to a folder closer to the root path and then nrun VFI, pointing it to the new folder to find mising exhibits and then rerun the backup attempt. Dave O.
  9. Moving to V8 on new computer

    Kay, If the new computer is using Windows 7 64 bit version, then you absolutely should upgrade to version 8.2, as you will have trouble trying to print any reports with TMG7.4 on a 64 bit machine. You can install 7.4 on the new machine, assuming the you have the CD or the installation file saved somewhere, as it is no longer listed on the Wholly Genes site as far as I know. Then you would need your registration information to re-enter and get the installation unlocked. It's up top you if you should try before you buy, keep in mind that certain features may not be unlocked in the 30 day trail version. As to getting projects from ealier versions of TMG, you would perform the "File"; "Restore" function. There are some differences in restoring from earlier version projects, such as: Your Preferences / Program Options settings are not transferred to TMG v8 when you restore a TMG v5/6/7 backup. These settings are contained in the app.ini file. Please do not copy your TMG v5/6/7 app.ini file to TMG v8. You will lose three types of settings that were stored in the TMG v5/6/7 app.ini file: · Custom style settings from the Preferences / Program Options / Custom Styles tab · Text macro settings · Tools / External Utilities settings Hope this helps
  10. TMG8, you're leaving me hanging....

    Just my two cents worth as a user of TMG since Version 5, but I can count the number of times that I've had to Task Manager kill TMG on one hand and still have a finger or two left over. My experience includes many versions of Windows and several different computers. I am currently running TMG 8 on Win7 64 bit on a 6 core machine, as well as my dual core laptop. It hasn't crashed in the way you describe, in fact it hasn't crashed at all. Perhaps there is some other conflict????
  11. My personal preference would be for Endnotes. I also would have preferred that one or the other of the Footnotes/Endnotes was disabled, rather than both. Now the only way to include source images is to embed them, which makes for a very disjointed report if you are trying to share data with someone. Just my two cents worth Dave O.
  12. Carol, Have you tried re-indexing, optimizing and running VFI? I'm running 8.01, but the US Version so I can't specifically say that what you are using works, but the US Version is able to see the Custom Flags that I added when trying to filter the Project Explorer Dave O.
  13. All, Why couldn't a Message Manager announcement have been released? That would have perhaps alleviated the problem. Dave O.
  14. Janice, Sorry about the delay in answering, work has had me a little busy. I've added the information on how to send me the info, by attaching you VFI using the More Reply Options. As to reloading, yes it refers to shooting. I like to shoot, and by reloading my own ammunition I save a bunch, which allows me to shoot more often. Dave
  15. Janice, If you use the More Options for the Reply, it will allow you to attach a file to the post. I am not the Board Administrator, and it may have gotten lost in the inbox.