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Strange characters in reports = missing fonts?

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I have a problem that I have seen a number of times on various message boards.


I'm currently getting some strange characters in my reports. I haven't had this problem before and I haven't changed Windows or TMG recently.

When making a pdf Pedigree Compressed or Descendant Indented Chart - The report shows <FA line TMG> at the beginning of each line output, and subsequent lines also have three adjacent upper-case "A's" with various accent marks (tildes, graves, umlauts, whatever) above them.

(TMG Gold v. 7.04.0000 with Windows XP Pro)


The most common fix seems to be an email of missing fonts which Virginia Blakelock has kindly sent to various users.


I have checked my font folder & do not have any of the "missing" fonts:

A Line TMG (Alinetmg.ttf)

HelvSB75 (helvsb75.TTF)

HelvSS75 (Helvss75.ttf)

Wholly genes LD (Wholly.ttf)


So I am assuming that I now need those fonts & rather than us all having to harrass Virginia, how about putting them in the "Other Downloads" section of the WhollyGenes website?




P.S. - But, if you are there, I would still like the fonts, Virginia : )

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