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Unable to reinstall TMG v8 in directory of my choosing

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My problems started on Thursday when I crashed the program while trying to create a Family Group Sheet using the .pdf extention. I tried it a couple of times, and it crashed each time.


Thinking that my program was acting a bit funny I tried to do a REPAIR .... and that failed to correct the problem. I then thought I should re-install the whole thing, but it wouldn't reinstall properly. It "said" it was reinstalled, but when I opened the program - it was programmed to open my master project - it would give me the layout bar that I had created, but a blank screen below that.


I attempted to uninstall the program and then reinstall the entire program from scratch, but now it will not let me install to the directory I want to choose - it does not give me a choice at all.....


I've attempted to get rid of all references to the install program, and indeed all references to The Master Genealogist v8, other than my named directory on my E:/ drive (where I would like the program to live.)


I've even tried allowing the program to install on the C:/ drive (a path I have not chosen) but it won't install there either.


I called TMG and they suggested the repair and reinstall procedures, then when those failed they suggested I send an E-mail to support@whollygenes.com, which I've done.


I would imagine they won't get that message (sent yesterday afternoon) until Monday, so any suggestions for things to try over the weekend would be appreciated......





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TMG Tech Support solved my problem for me.


Thank you.


Incase anyone has a similar problem - here's what we did to resolve mine.


I had my data and exhibits in E:\The Master Genealogist v8


They had me rename that directory to E:\xxThe Master Genealogist v8


And then I was able to download the sample program and install it into E:\The Master Genealogist v8


I then copied the Exhibits and Project data from E:\xxThe Master Genealogist v8 to the new E:\The Master Genealogist v8


And I was back in business !

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