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  1. Backup Problem ....

    Bingo.... I'm using the latest version of TMG and the latest version of Windows 10. When I unchecked the box for EXTERNAL EXHIBITS.... the backup file was created! Thank you for the suggestion... whew! That was a strange experience! I would assume that if I backup the external exhibits separately that if I was to restore my backup and simply restore the exhibits into the same directory and folder from whence they came that I SHOULD be alright..... Thank you Michael and Jim for all of your effort with this question... I appreciate your time and your thoughts! John
  2. Backup Problem ....

    Thanks Jim ... I was hoping that the fresh install would solve it as well.... I just can't imagine what happened to prevent the backups from actually taking place like they did in the past... Evidently, since the last recorded backup was in 2016, this version of TMG has successfully made backups in the past.... so it must be something I've done, some button I've clicked on during one of my mad "lets click this and see what it does" sessions! <g> Thanks for letting me know what files I need. I assume (always a questionable attitude to adopt) that the pjc (project files) include any external exhibits that might be attached to the data.... is that correct?
  3. Backup Problem ....

    Running as administrator did not make any difference evidently... I'll try making a zip file, as you suggest... However, in that folder there seem to be 152 items rather than the 48 you mentioned... how can I tell which files make up the 48? I can guess at many of them: like - born in Virginia or tennessee.acc is probably not a file I need to include, but Master Project_.ACC is probably one of the 48 to include. All of this seems odd to me. I was able to successfully backup my data in the past... I did a scan of my computer and found sqz files going back to 1999, but nothing after 2016! I guess I just haven't been paying attention and never checked on them since 2016..... Thanks again for your help. It is much appreciated. John
  4. Backup Problem ....

    Thanks for your suggestions, Jim. I tried both the repair and the reinstallation... but am still having the same problem, no change at all. The program goes through the steps for making a backup and then pauses for a bit before the same Error Message comes up again (I click IGNORE) and the message that the backup is complete follows.... but no backup. I have searched my computer for all sqz files, and many appear, but no recent files... I think the latest sqz file I have found is from 2016.
  5. Backup Problem ....

    I backup my data on a "fairly" regular basis... today I looked in the backup folder that I use to see when I last backed up... the folder was empty! I have searched my computer for *.sqz files - thinking that my file may have been stored somewhere else - and I successfully found backups from years ago, but nothing for the past two or three years! The program seems to go through the steps to backup, and I get a window that says "OLE exception error: Exception code c00000fd. OLE object may be corrupt" - it seems that I've always had that Error Window and I always click IGNORE. The program then pops up an information window that says: "Backup to F:\TMG BackUp\Master Project 2020-12-01 17-45-50.sqz is complete." But that file cannot be found on my computer... I tried sending the backup to the Backup folder in TMG, but with the same result. I must have changed something somewhere, but I have no idea why I am not getting any backup at all...
  6. I need a new Desktop... my Dell XPS is about six years old and I'm considering another new XPS. I currently have my harddisk partitioned into C, D, and E... TMG is installed on E and I'm wondering if I'm just asking for trouble trying to successfully get my data to a computer with only a C drive.. what worries me is recreating all of the links to images. I've put them all in files external to TMG ... and I would hate to have to go through them one by one and reattach them to their appropriate TMG locations... Can TMG handle a situation like this?
  7. Thank you Jim, I appreciate your help!
  8. Should I have to reenter my Serial Number, Name and E-mail Address and the location of where I purchased TMG9 every time I reboot my computer? I use a Dell desktop with Windows 10. Is there some way for me to avoid having to do that.... ? It really isn't a big deal (like my complaint earlier this month of being unable to print out Group Sheets with images) it's just annoying. <g> John John Buck, Jr. Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  9. Thank you for your suggestion. I attempted to create a PDF, printed to printer and selected the Microsoft Print to PDF driver, gave the file a name and pressed SAVE. The dialog boxes closed, but no file was created... no error messages, nothing.
  10. I'm using TMG v9, Windows 10 I have tried to include images when creating a Family Group Sheet as pdf, rtf and Microsoft Word files... but images do not appear. All of my images are in .png format. I've tried changing them to .jpg but that didn't seem to make any difference. When I use rtf I do get a box where an image should be which says: "The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deletd. Verify that the link points to the correct file and location." The images do appear correctly in TMG, and I've checked the "large Image" box in Options. When I attempt to use pdf I get a message that says: "printer not activated, error code -20" then another error message that says: "TerPrint2, Error Code: 15" and "Unable to Start the Print job" Then a final error message which says: "Error exporting to E:\Microsoft Office\Word Data\Genealogy\TMG\Reports\Group Sheets\file name.pdf" Does anyone have any idea about what is going on here? I don't have any image issues when I use Second Site. Thanks. John Buck, Jr. john.buck.jr@usa.net
  11. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    OK ... Well, this looks like a Universal Problem now... Here's what I did (with Jim Byram's help): I called AVG (got their Professional Technical Support department) and they told me that my computer was messed up and had a lot of nasty files on it and I should subscribe to their Support Plan for about $200.00 a year - this was after they "tooked over" my computer and checked it out. I declined and decide to uninstall AVG completely. That fixed my original problem of TMG crashing shortly after it opened... BUT .,. I was unable to load Windows Defender, and so I was left without a functioning anti-virus program running... I called Microsoft and they told me that they could fix the problem for a one-time fee of around $79, I think it was. So, I decided to try reinstalling AVG - Free, to see what would happen (I wouldn't be any worse off, and I could uninstall it again if it didn't work properly) ... TMG stopped working again, but I happened upon an AVG Support telephone number that was different from the one I originally called, so I called again. THIS time I was connected to AVG Technical Support - not the "Professional Support" people... - and they did not try to sell me anything! They were just concerned about my problem. (844-259-8811) After yet another half hour on the phone with them looking over my computer files, they wrote an exception into my AVG-Free antivirus program, and now I have BOTH AVG and TMG... and they appear to be working just fine. *** The following paragraph describes how to set up the AVG exception for TMG *** To write the exception they opened AVG AntiVirus Free, Clicked on OPTIONS in the upper right hand corner and clicked on ADVANCE SETTINGS. Then they clicked on EXCEPTIONS. Then click on ADD EXCEPTION at the bottom of that dialog box. In the newly opened box Exception Type should be set to: APPLICATION OR FILE. Then browse your way to the location of the tmg.exe file on your computer. On my computer it looked like this: E:\The Master Genealogist v9\tmg9.exe - Then click the box: EVEN WHEN THE FILE IS MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION. Hit OK, then OK again and close the AVG dialog box, and you're all set... At least that is what they did on my computer (using Remote Control) ... so, hopefully, it will work much the same on yours.
  12. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    I did, but as we were already in communication I guess I thought that wasn't necessary... Sorry. I'll do that right now.
  13. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    OK, now I'm confused. The link to download the TMG installer is giving me an error message... but there is a note from you to let you know which version is desired (in my case: US) The problem with that web site was posted, evidently, in 2014 - surely it has been fixed by now, so I must be doing something incorrectly... I'm not sure what you elaborated in your message above... attempting to run TMG after AVG has been disabled? I did that, but it had no effect. The program still crashes. Sorry I'm being so dense about this...
  14. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    The link you suggested returns an error message and turning off AVG doesn't seem to have any effect: 404 Not FoundThe page you are looking for could not be found.
  15. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    I can't seem to locate an installer. There is a folder on my C:/ drive that is labeled: The Master Genealogist v9 Installer, but it only has two files in it: tmginstall.log and updates.aiu and I had no luck locating it on the TMG Update website. TMG was working as recently as yesterday without trouble. I don't "think" I've added any new programs, but I may have been prompted to reboot after an automatic AVG update... I'm not sure, but I'll see if I can find out.