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Changing from multiple partitions to one on a new computer

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I need a new Desktop...  my Dell XPS is about six years old and I'm considering another new XPS.  I currently have my harddisk partitioned into C, D, and E...  TMG is installed on E and I'm wondering if I'm just asking for trouble trying to successfully get my data to a computer with only a C drive..  what worries me is recreating all of the links to images.  I've put them all in files external to TMG ... and I would hate to have to go through them one by one and reattach them to their appropriate TMG locations...   Can TMG handle a situation like this?

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You can tell Windows to assign a drive letter to a folder. You can reserve drive "D:" to point to "c:\d-drive\". Search for the "subst" command using Google. Here's one result:

IT World

If you decide you want to update the file paths, there are several ways to do that. My TMG Utility will make "find and replace" changes to exhibit file paths, and that makes systematic changes (like moving a set of files from one location to another) pretty easy. TMG also has a way to find missing exhibits. I like TMGU's method better, but both have their uses.


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When you move your exhibit folder to a new drive or path, the external exhibits feature of Validate File Integrity will update the paths for all exhibits in the exhibits table. VFI can deal with all exhibits in one folder or with an exhibit tree or even more complex situations. It's a simple, quick and painless way to deal with this.

If you have a exhibits tree and exhibits with the same names in different folders, TMGU needs to be used since it can update only the portion of the exhibit paths that have changed.

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