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E Wilcock

TMG8 layout transfer to Windows7 VAIO wide screen

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My downloaded program file of TMG8.02 installed and was registered without problem.


Can anyone advise me now how to adapt the layouts to my new screen?

My screen is Sony VAIO Display Plus, diagonal size 24 inches

Aspect ratio Wide 16:9 (I dont need to use the whole width but I do want to be able to read everything easily)

Resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080)

It is a touch screen but I am not worried about using that in TMG.



For the record this is what I have done so far in case I have caused the dificulty:


TMG8 installed with only a standard layout, but thanks to Terry's site I was able to trace the whereabouts of the standard.lo file on the new Windows7 computer (why was it in two places?).


I then pasted into that folder the TMG application settings from the old xp applications settings. My customised layout has my own buttons.So it didnt work until I copied in all the files in the folder. Copying just the lay out didnt work.


However the layouts both standard and customised are not good on the new screen. The type face is too small and altering the size in options hasnt helped much.


I am not sure what to enter and what type sizes to choose.



This luxurious new computer was bought partly to edit home videos, but also because modern wide screens (friends let us try their Apple and Lenovo) seem excellent for examining on line images of documents from the UK public record office.



Are there any TMG layouts ready made for this sort of screen? I cant find anything on a serch of FAQ. But I am hoping one of the tech experts on this forum can help and advise me how to set up my TMG.


Evely Wilcock



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It may take some adjustment (yours and the computer) going to a higher resolution screen. A good first step is to rightclick on your desktop, choose Screen resolution, and note in fine print the option to 'Make text and other items larger or smaller.' Try that first and see if it makes a difference. This change affects all your programs.


Why is the folder with your layouts in two places? That is part of the Data File Storage (DFS) system. In v8, go to Help on the TMG menu and then click on Access Folders to view your three DFS folders and their locations.


Layouts (*.lo) are in the User program data files location . The first time TMG runs after it is installed it copies the DFS folders to your data file storage locations - so TMG has a copy of the basic User program data and Shared program data folders - while your copies are in your user area and include your customizations, like layouts and toolbars. It is important to understand this system, to know where your data is and that it is safely stored in an area not affected by a TMG install or uninstall. For full details, see the Help / Data File Storage article and information on advanced options. My article here is an overview with screenshots (which you may already have since it was done with v7; the DFS system has not changed since then.).


My main monitor is 24" - and an example of a layout that size is the first screenshot in the new favorite layout thread here. To make a layout just drag TMG to the size you prefer (does not need to be full screen) and then populate it with whatever windows and toolbars you want - sizing and arranging them however you choose. Remember to save the layout with a new name (you cannot modify the Standard layout) - and to re-save the layout if you make changes, like adding a column to the Details view. A quick and easy-to-remember keyboard shortcut to resave the layout is Alt v a m Alt o.



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