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Miss Congenealogy

Reports won't generate from a gedcom imported file

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I imported a gedcom (Legacy originated), all looks OK except....no reports will generate properly. Journal and Descendant (reports and charts) will only list generation 1, and only 1 person: "an unknown person."

I'm a longtime TMG user, I've generated these reports dozens of time on my own dataset; in fact, my data set works properly on these reports, but when I open up the (imported gedcom) file, there are no descendants, nothing beyond that one person.



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Virginia, did my huge sigh of relief blow through your office? This worked. A million thanks.



B -


I'm glad it solved the problem. My office is actually a corner of an unused bedroom . We moderators are just other users who volunteer to help where we can. The problem you had comes up a lot.


If you are new to the WG forum, be sure to check out the Visual Chartform Forum. It is an active forum with lots of chart examples and information on custom colors. And, if you haven't tried the v8 tag type color option - and other layout customizations, there are examples in the thread here.



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