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Virginia Blakelock

Using small charts in TMG reports

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Small charts are easily combined with TMG reports as in the example below of a TMG8 rendition of William Dollarhide's Master Data Sheet. The 2-page report combines the Individual Detail report with a 4 generation ancestor chart inserted (using Copy and Paste from VCF to the Word document) between the report and the endnotes:


MDS_1.jpg MDS_3.jpg


Settings for Individual Detail Report:

- fonts - Tahoma 9 for everything

- Sources are Endnotes Unique

- Miscellaneous - shading is custom color 233, 218, 197

- Lines are black 1 pixel

- Child tags and Flags are included

- All tags included


Chart options:

- Ancestor box chart

- left to right, 4 generations

- Gap between boxes - 10, Between generations 30

- Boxes size - 204 pixels

- Boxes: Frame - none; Grey shadow unchecked

- Boxes colored by generation (could also use flag accents)

- Font - Tahoma 9

- Lines 1 pixel black

- Data type - none

- Other - Text Alignment - Left

- Other - Identifiers - ID number

- Other - Surname caps

- Other - Overlapping generations


For more information on the Dollarhide report, see the TMG Rootsweb mailing list message here.



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