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Timing problem on "Add Person" box

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I've been experiencing this for some time now. I first had it with TMG6 under XP. I put it down to the piles of other software on there which could easily have interfered, but I'm now on fully-patched Win7 Pro 32bit and TMG 8.04 UK, and it's still happening.



1. Click on "Add person".

2. Select a releationship. It doesn't matter which one.

3. The data entry box appears.

4. WITHIN THE FIRST TWO SECONDS, enter data, say in the Given Name box (It happens on any field, but that's where I usually start).

5. Characters entered are converted into spaces. "Christopher" might show as " istopher".

6. If I don't correct the name, it will be saved AS DISPLAYED, with the leading spaces stripped out.


Pasting data into a field does not improve things. It is the timing which is a problem.


Waiting a couple of seconds allows the proper behaviour to occur.


I have not noticed this behaviour in other boxes, but Add Person gets used often.


The problem is not improved by caching; adding another person a few seconds later shows the same problem.


My main database has several thousand people described, but the behaviour appears on smaller projects with less than a hundred.

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