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I thought this bug fixed in 8.04

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I'm in data entering mode now for the 1940 census, and have run into the following problem multiple times. I seem to remember this being discussed previously, and thought it had been fixed in 8.04.


I enter multiple witnesses using the "+Multiple" option of the Witness screen. This mode of entry doesn't offer the option of selecting roles when entering. I enter five "Witnesses", and when they are accepted and the entry screen closes, I attempt to assign a role by highlighting a witness and selecting the proper role from the dropdown. The screen and program then freezes. I cannot minimize, move a screen, or get any response from the program. The only way I can proceed is to close the program via Task Manager, losing all I had entered for that tag. If, however, I close out the tag immediately after entering the multiple witnesses and then reopen the tag to change the witness roles, everything is OK. This is a workaround that requires additional time and effort.


I know this has been reported before but thought it has been fixed.


Am running v.8.04 on a Win7 x64 system.





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Thanks Jim. I got no response from the Listserve except from another user who confirmed that she's noticed the same problem and finds it equally irksome.


Glad to hear that it's being remedied.



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