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I've lost TMG8

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Today I can't find TMG8. In Start/All Programs TMG 8 is empty. I did remove TMG 7 the other day but TMG 8 was on one of the screens at the time and I have viewed it since.

I've looked in both Programs and Programs x86 - nothing. So, just wanting to view the data I re-installed TMGUK v8.0 from a downloaded copy hopefully sending it to C:\users etc but it's not there (and yes, view hidden files is on) On Search for "TMG" I only get two installation files and some TMG Utility logs. Surely the name "TMG" also occurs in some of the installed files? Any suggestions as to where it may be hiding will be welcome, otherwise I must assume that there is a TMG eating malware in my computer as well as a brainless user.

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It had gone. There were a few directories and files in All UsersThe Master Genealogist V8 which looked like the remains of a Christmas dinner table -- the following morning. The Recyle file had TMG 7 in it, just to prove that it was V7 I removed ! I am guessing that one of the freeware utilities that I sometimes run to clean up my hard drive has somehow muddled the registry entries for 7 & 8. I subscribe to ESET anti-virus so the moths shouldn't have got in. I hope that I am the only user of this machine. After scraping out anything that looked like it belonged to TMG I downloaded the current UK version which insisted on repairing my installation and as this shows my registration number where the rest was hiding I just don't know :no:

I recently downloaded Nuance PaperPort 14 to update the version I had, this can and in the past has caused funny things to happen. I mention it in case you come across a similar problem but I have no evidence that it can annihilate TMG.

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